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We're back with yet another AusGamers Weekly Wrap, giving you all the past week's gaming news in one easy-to-digest post with relevant links and highlights. So without wasting any time, let's get into it.

In the Headlines
AusGamers offered up an awesome Borderlands comp, it was then revealed an 'accidental' release of a modified Borderlands hit Steam, Ubisoft launched the first of their Assassin's Creed "Lineage" short films, DICE confirmed they'd support dedicated servers for Bad Company 2, the first round of brutal Legend DLC was revealed, 2K officially addressed the modified Borderlands leak, Blizzard revealed their race changing system, The Who will potentially be the next Rock Band band, the Left 4 Dead demo hit servers showing Australia just how shit the modified version would be, BioWare revealed a new social networking system for Dragon Age: Origins, Bayonetta received a release date, Melbourne's eGames event kicked off and DICE (or EA) annoyed people with the announcement of pre-order LE unlocks for Bad Company 2.

Videos We RecommendIn the editorial department, we ran up a few reviews in the way of Brutal Legend, Part 2 of our Aion review and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, while we also introduced an all-new ongoing feature looking at Aussies out in the wide world of game development, beginning with Double Fine's Music Director, Emily Ridgway.

That's it from us for another week, but as usual, stay tuned on Mondays here at AusGamers for your fix of game releases, weekend misses and the news on the week of games gone.

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