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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:54pm 02/11/09 | 30 Comments
If you do, you'll be given heads up to secret give-aways we don't normally post on the site, and we always feature any major new news item, video, client or review/feature there as well, meaning you'll get friendly news-feed reminders (if you don't already subscribe to our RSS or just trawl all day) of the goings on, on AusGamers. And with all of our new regular features, you need to ensure you're not missing out.

Beyond that, you'd be helping spread the word about one of Australia's oldest and most respected gaming sites, and one we plan on growing into an even bigger and better entity.

So hit us up on Facebook, become a fan then suggest us to your friends.


Latest Comments
Posted 04:32pm 02/11/09
Posted 04:53pm 02/11/09
don't forget to join QGL Facebook group too. (no giveaways).

Posted 07:46pm 02/11/09
I love how the QGL wiki link links to a blank article.
Posted 07:57pm 02/11/09
If you sign up I will /personally/ become your friend.

Posted 08:23pm 02/11/09
Dear god.
Posted 08:29pm 02/11/09
Haha Trog, I got all excited THEN YOU SHUT ME DOWN!!
Posted 08:37pm 02/11/09
only if you stop adam dodson from spamming everyone with conspiracy spam and requests to be a fan of his website
Posted 08:52pm 02/11/09
You should also start a twitter account and create yet another level of redundancy!
Posted 09:07pm 02/11/09
what qmass said.
Posted 09:15pm 02/11/09
we did that ages ago newbs
Posted 09:36pm 02/11/09
at least link to it newb...
Posted 09:43pm 02/11/09
Posted 09:44pm 02/11/09
I joined the QGL one earlier but haven't been approved :(
Posted 09:50pm 02/11/09
Became a fan months ago, but don't use facebook much (too lame)

You should be rewarding loyal qgl patrons with secret giveaway's rather than facebook nubs!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:54pm 02/11/09
it's all about expanding the audience - the bigger the audience, the more we can offer - thus those ghey tools are musts
Posted 09:57pm 02/11/09
One day the internet will be only Facebook. They've already launched a marketplace.
Posted 10:01pm 02/11/09
it's all about expanding the audience - the bigger the audience

The bigger the giganews referrals!
Posted 10:02pm 02/11/09
Ausgamers Twitter has horrible colours!

Nothing better then the QGL colour scheme, read it for too long and look away from your screen and you can still see the lines!
Posted 10:19pm 02/11/09
How about an official Ausgamers steam group for awesome prizes?
Posted 10:40pm 02/11/09
whateva steve, you just want phat loot.
Posted 10:44pm 02/11/09
it's all about expanding the audience
If that's the case replace trog with a chick with a nice rack and a nose ring.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:51pm 02/11/09
hey, give her a go. Jeremy rules, and he was mistreated, but it's also not her fault... replacing Trog though... that sounds intriguing
Posted 10:56pm 02/11/09
no one wears a bandanna like trog does, it would suicide to replace him.
Posted 11:02pm 02/11/09
steve still waiting on pix of your alterego.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:04pm 02/11/09
my alterego?
Posted 05:46am 03/11/09
only if you stop adam dodson from spamming everyone with conspiracy spam and requests to be a fan of his website

f***, reckon
Posted 01:30pm 05/11/09
FaceBook ? Are you guys rehearsing some stupid stand-up comedy routine?
Posted 01:55pm 05/11/09
"Facebook SUCKS and is for LOSERS"

- Guy who can't keep up in Farmville
Posted 03:42pm 05/11/09
haha, farmville
Posted 03:43pm 05/11/09
Farmville is where burnt out WoW players go to die.
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