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Post by Dan @ 12:27pm 02/11/09 | 11 Comments
Indie dev Unknown Worlds have released the first still images from their hotly anticipated Natural Selection 2, the retail sequel to the much-loved 2002 Half-Life modification.
There is nothing touched-up in these shots. Like editing with our tools, what you see is what you get! We hope you enjoy the style and direction we're going in and these give you little flutters in your belly (excitement, that is).
These new images offer a glimpse at players in both the space marine and alien factions, the later being the view from the alien Skulk class's "bite-cam". They're also accompanied by a detailed blog on the state of the game from the dev team.

Natural Selection 2 is now positioning for a 2010 release on PC via Steam.

natural selection 2screenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 12:29pm 02/11/09
that looks s*** hot. wish theyd hurry up
Posted 12:29pm 02/11/09
lookin good
Posted 01:16pm 02/11/09
them some nice graphics
Posted 01:37pm 02/11/09
Soooooooooo pumped.

I could care less about the graphics, if NS still had a booming online community I would be playing that over all the current games.

They had a winning formula, some nice new visuals and a few gameplay tweaks and I'm very happy.
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:53pm 02/11/09
F*** those visuals look nice
Posted 02:32pm 02/11/09
F*** yeahhhh. Game I am most looking forward to playing. I hope it is popular because the first game had the bonus of the half life player base. This is a retail title on its own engine.
Posted 02:58pm 02/11/09
Looks awesome and I'll probably buy this when (if) it comes out.

When a development mob is taking so long and is so close to the wall that they announce things like "pre-orders allowed us to hire another programmer", the confidence level isn't high that they'll be able to release before they run out of money.

Hopefully if that situation happens they'll get picked up by a publisher instead of folding.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:18pm 02/11/09
first-person chomper
Posted 06:52pm 02/11/09
skulks look like they have been on the juice since the last outing.
Posted 11:53pm 02/11/09
www.ausn2.com for Australias NS2 comunity!
Posted 11:55pm 02/11/09
Woops i ment www.ausns2.com
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