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Post by Dan @ 05:23pm 30/10/09 | 6 Comments
I'm not really sure what's more annoying - offering pre-order customers an entire game mode that can't be accessed at launch by casual purchasers or giving them extra weapons and items with a potentially unfair advantage.

The later is the case for EA's Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the hotly anticipated FPS from veteran shooter studio DICE.
The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition delivers six special customizations early to give players a day one advantage in multiplayer matches. Four vehicle warfare unlocks will immediately enhance the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 best-in-class online vehicle warfare experience, delivering extra firepower, radar, and armor for the vehicles. Additionally, the tracer dart attaches to any enemy vehicle and allows RPG-toting teammates to track, lock on, and destroy their adversary.
Perhaps it's not a huge deal as players that don't pre-order will presumably still be able to acquire them the old-fashioned way - by putting in the game-time to earn the goods.

Watch this new trailer for a demo of some of these unlocks.

battlefield bad company 2unlockstrailer

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Posted 05:26pm 30/10/09
They say in the first sentence it's and advantage in MP. Pretty f*****g lame IMO. The second sentence just rubs salt into the wound saying how much more of an advantage it is.

Unless these unlocks are relatively easy to get, I think it's a pretty disgusting thing to do(although a great marketing method).
Posted 05:53pm 30/10/09
This is becoming a trend with a lot of games, wtf
Posted 07:06pm 30/10/09
Pay to win.

THis should be a marketing method used only in lame MMOs.
Posted 09:08pm 30/10/09
Lame, but I wont be paying them extra just to get some extra armor for a while. I guess many do though as this is indeed becoming the norm.

Pointless really, it's a battlefield game, by the time most have got the unlocks legit, the game will be overrun with hackers.
Posted 09:33am 01/11/09
Im getting it....
Posted 09:57pm 01/11/09
Keep seeing people say you have to pay extra for this

From what i've read its not that you pay extra money for the limited edition and unlocks, its just something you get for pre-ordering. All of the things that you get automatically unlocked with the pre-order limited edition can be achieved through normal play.

NFI if thats true or not, haven't bothered confirming it.

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