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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:24pm 30/10/09 | 14 Comments
The long-awaited release of Platinum Games' (Madworld) Bayonetta finally has some grounding in reality, with Sega today announcing the title would hit Australia and New Zealand on January 7th in 2010. Bayonetta joins a growing list of games launching post-Holiday sales period, showcasing a massive shift in retail dynamic for the games industry.

Recently the game saw its first review from famed Japanese gaming mag, Famitsu, where it scored 40/40 for Xbox 360 and 38/40 for PS3 (not sure why they have separate reviews based on platform if the game is multi platform), making it only the 12th game in the magazine's history to score perfectly (albeit on Xbox 360).

For more info on the game check out our Bayonetta game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:03pm 30/10/09
the game page for it is kind of lacking... nice blurb and all.. but no pics :(
Posted 02:06pm 30/10/09
the game page for it is kind of lacking... nice blurb and all.. but no pics :(

Click 'screenshots' tab?
Posted 02:07pm 30/10/09
click on screenshots
Posted 03:33pm 30/10/09
there wasnt any when i clicked before, dont i look the fool. HA!
Posted 03:42pm 30/10/09
Reason for 38/40 for the PS3 is that the game was designed for the X360 and ported to the PS3, but the end result wasn't as good as the X360 version
Posted 07:50pm 30/10/09
I really don't get this hey. I mean the game looks like a little bit of fun and all, but perfect score... what?

Have we all seen the trailer that shows a section that you can play by only pressing one freaking button repeatedly? I don't understand why that should be an aspect of the game that you want to promote. Unless of course it's so sweaty Otakus can play the game with one hand while they rub one out to a 3D model in spandex.

Seriously. What the f*** Japan?
Posted 07:55pm 30/10/09
(not sure why they have separate reviews based on platform if the game is multi platform)
Because the ausgamers way of not mentioning which platform you played and just put the formats its on is so superior?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:41pm 30/10/09
if it's multi platform, it shouldn't matter - nothing about superiority
Posted 09:01pm 30/10/09
It shouldn't, but it does.

Take for example your borderlands review, no mention of any of the annoyances some pc players are having - s***** menus that were designed for console, yet are annoying to use on pc, port forwarding problems, zoomed in fov, voice chat always on, etc.
Maybe minor problems, but wouldnt they effect the review?

last edited by Bah at 21:01:08 30/Oct/09
Posted 09:08pm 30/10/09
Dan - That's the "Very Easy Automatic" mode, designed for complete noobs.
Posted 09:11pm 30/10/09
Every time I read "[Some game] dated!", I always think that someone is saying "[Some game] is old and shows it's age!".

last edited by Mantra at 21:11:25 30/Oct/09
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:52pm 30/10/09
Bah - we (reviewers as a whole, not just AusGamers) don't get every single version of a multi-platform game, which is why I attempt to review the copies we get from the core point. Sorry we can't always look at aspects like those you mentioned, but it's the unfortunate case of the way in which review distribution among publishers work
Posted 10:56pm 30/10/09
I understand that, yet your reviews never mention which specific version you played, at least you dont do what some other sites do where you cut and paste the same review between the pc/ps3/xbox sections of the site, but at least mention which version you reviewed rather than just have the xbox/pc/ps3 at the top (although you probably wont do that either because the ps3 people will scream bias when you review the xbox version).

last edited by Bah at 22:56:40 30/Oct/09
Posted 12:23am 31/10/09
literally the best game coming in the near future.

"believe it."
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