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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:03pm 28/10/09 | 18 Comments
Shacknews have pointed out The Who singer, Roger Daltry, may have let slip the next full-band Rock Band treatment as being his own outfit, The Who, after the front-man sat down and chatted openly about his own recent soloing run of shows.

"The game, yeah, yeah, they're [Harmonix] going to be doing a Who one next year," he he said recently in an interview with Mass Live. "There is one planned. (The idea) is fabulous. Anything that gets non-musical people interested in music is wonderful. In my opinion, music is our last true great freedom. They can burn our books, they can burn our paintings, but they can't stop us singing and making music."

It's funny that he thinks it's a fabulous idea. Last year's E3 I was lucky enough to see a Rock Band-specific live show with The Who, where outspoken guitarist, Pete Townshend couldn't dig his heels into the idea and its parent companies enough - he hated the idea of people playing with a plastic guitar instead of the real thing, and its commercial value.

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Posted 12:08pm 28/10/09
That's pretty lame.

They really need to choose really good groups for these games.

Beatles = win, Metallica = win.

Aerosmith, no, The Who, no.
Posted 12:09pm 28/10/09
Umm The Who is f*****g sick what are you talking about.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:58pm 28/10/09
I'd rather see a program that will analyze the tracks of your own music cd's and mp3's and be able to play them thru RB and GH.
Posted 01:01pm 28/10/09
Pink Floyd would be good

and I dont even listen to pink floyed

or play Rock Band
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:11pm 28/10/09
reverend - I think that just won't happen. As it is it's difficult for music to make any money anymore, Rock Band and Guitar hero have found a licensing loop that actually helps bands and labels, so i doubt they'd let their grip on it loosen.

Would be cool, I just can't ever see it becoming a reality
Posted 02:28pm 28/10/09
Id rather see The Rolling Stones.. or something similar.
Posted 03:15pm 28/10/09
Agreed that The Who are a poor choice for their own game, and I thought the same about Aerosmith and Van Halen. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind all three bands, but they just really aren't interesting or relevant to have an entire game dedicated to them.

Beatles was a no-brainer and executed well, Metallica however really was a rush and squandered effort. Here they had the perfect opportunity to do an unprecedented band biography but nope, they include hardly any history and ignore the fact that the previous two bass players ever existed.

They also chose not to separate the rhythm and lead guitar parts, only letting you play as Kirk as a guitarist, completely ignoring the fact that Hetfield is recognised as one of the top rhythm guitarists in the world - in a game called 'guitar hero' ffs.

It really just smacked of being a half-assed rush to market. May as well have been just a few albums as DLC for World Tour or GH 5.

As for other bands that could potentially have their own game and do it well, I don't know. The Stones may be ok, but none of their recent material has made much of an impact and they already have a bunch of their better tracks in the existing games.

U2 are stupid popular, but most of their hits would be boring as s*** to play in a game.

TOOL would be ok, if executed properly. Same with Rage Against the Machine.

The only bands that I could 100% say would justify their own game would be Iron Maiden and Guns n' Roses, but only if they really went all out for the complete biographical experience.
Posted 03:17pm 28/10/09
Who are you? Who? Who?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:46pm 28/10/09
Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix
Crizane Tribal
Posted 07:56pm 28/10/09
Wow, I bet all these musicians whose music is getting put into these Guitar Hero tribute games are kicking themselves for selling the rights to their songs.

I think Led Zeppelin would make for an awesome GH title.
Posted 08:03pm 28/10/09
WTB: The Eagles Rock Band or Guitar Hero

but yeah who gives a f*** about the who?
Posted 08:40pm 28/10/09
bands with prolific lead guitarists ftw, although i find the whole GH concept lame....
the singing and drum bits = fail.
Posted 08:48pm 28/10/09
the singing and drum bits = fail.

agreed, i tried the guitar in RB-The beatles and i just tossed em aside after one song and started singing to the songs and had way more fun then i ever had with any other music game before.
Posted 09:42pm 28/10/09
Jimmy Page is on record saying that if people want to play led zeppelin songs they should buy a real guitar
Posted 11:22pm 28/10/09
Jesus, who are these people saying The Who are a poor choice, uninteresting or irrelevant...? Were you born yesterday? Do you know anything all about the history of popular music over the last 40 years?

Also not surprised that Daltrey and Townshend are expressing divergent opinions; those two fought like cats and dogs for the majority of their early career.
Posted 07:27am 29/10/09
rage against the machine
Posted 07:30am 29/10/09
rage against the machine

Posted 08:23am 29/10/09

Jesus, who are these people saying The Who are a poor choice, uninteresting or irrelevant...? Were you born yesterday? Do you know anything all about the history of popular music over the last 40 years?

my opinion is purely based on what will sell.. i dont believe a who game would sell that well in gamings current market.
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