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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:22am 28/10/09 | 7 Comments
Just in time to coincide with our review, Double Fine and EA have announced the first round of DLC (downloadable content) for their recently released epic adventure title, Brutal Legend, coming in the form of a multiplayer map pack called, brutally (and hilariously), "Tears of the Hextadon".

While I personally would have much preferred new single-player content (there's still just so much metal lore to explore and expand upon), the game's multiplayer is definitely infectious, and given there aren't a huge amount of map options already built in, players will probably be happy about this anyway.

"I play Brutal Legend online every night," said Tim Schafer, President of Double Fine Productions. "And I need more maps! Circle of Tears is named after the crying of my vanquished foes on the battlefield, and Death's Fjord is obviously a tribute to my Nordic ancestors, and their love of fan geysers and... Well, actually I just thought the name was cool. See you online!"

The new DLC is due for Xbox 360 and PS3 this November 3rd and 5th, respectively.

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Posted 09:29am 28/10/09
DLC a couple of weeks after a games release stinks.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:39am 28/10/09
In their defence, it could have been a case of watching to see how popular multiplayer is, post-release, and this DLC is only 400 MS points or free on PSN until the 19th of November where it's like $8
Posted 11:07am 28/10/09
I don't understand why people cry so hard when DLC comes out soon after a game is released, isn't that a good thing? Don't you want to see the game supported?
Posted 11:35am 28/10/09
They will argue that the content should have really been on the retail version and they're grabbing for money.

In my opinion, this sort of falls under DLC abuse.
Posted 11:52am 28/10/09
The code and the assets for the retail version would have been frozen months and months ago, its not like they keep adding s*** up till the last minute, they're probably still working on it up to the last minute but it'd be just maintenance and bugfixing. Maybe these were maps that were planned to be in the game, but they ran out of time to make them and had to cut them. Once the game was done, and the level guys were sitting around with nothing to do, maybe they then decided "Hey, we could do some of those maps that were cut and release them as DLC". So now instead of missing out completely, people actually get to play those maps, sounds like a good deal to me.
Posted 12:00pm 28/10/09
I doubt that's the way it happened Khel, it was probably planned from the start. The whole point of DLC is so companies can support the game beyond release and so fans can get something more out of their games without having to buy the 2009 version. Releasing a DLC so quickly feels it's content that should have been added to the game on release date (or free if what you say is true). Anyway doesn't the fact that they are releasing something so quick show how small the game time is?

It seems like you're arguing from the perspective of game developers, actually I think you are one, which is fine but the players probably see it a different way.

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Posted 04:34pm 28/10/09
The whole point of DLC is so companies can support the game beyond release and so fans can get something more out of their games without having to buy the 2009 version.
Um they want you to buy the 2009 version, what they don't want is you selling the 2008 version second hand, thus losing them a sale, hence dlc which nets them money and means you wont sell your game.
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