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Post by Dan @ 05:06pm 26/10/09 | 33 Comments
From Gearbox Software and 2K Games comes Borderlands, an amalgamation of the First Person Shooter and the Action Role Playing Game genres with a healthy does of cooperative multiplayer pulling it all together - Available Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from October 23rd 2009 and Windows PC on October 30th 2009.

Thanks to 2K Games Australia, AusGamers has 5 copies of the PC version of Borderlands to giveaway, as well as some neato accessories sure to make you the envy of your fellow road warriors. 5 Lucky Winners will receive a prize-pack containing the following:
  • Borderlands Game (Windows PC)
  • Cyber Snipa Intelliscope Mouse (10,800 frames per second, 1000/2400dpi laser engine, oh yeah!)
  • Borderlands Bag
  • Borderlands USB Retro Tape Player

Head over to our competitions page for the full deal.


Latest Comments
Posted 05:16pm 26/10/09
I have one simple request and that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!
Posted 05:32pm 26/10/09
Posted 05:33pm 26/10/09
Put in my entry. That bag looks mighty awesome.
Posted 05:38pm 26/10/09
put mine it i want to win it!
Posted 05:42pm 26/10/09
I want that retro tape player.
Posted 06:57pm 26/10/09
Oh nice! Another chance to win it.

As an aside, I'm guessing that the "design/describe a weapon" type comps for this game are prevalent - Kotaku just finished doing the same thing (and I didn't win, because my creativity is s***).
Posted 07:09pm 26/10/09
Sweet, put my name in the hat!
Posted 07:22pm 26/10/09
Anyone like it? It seems like a very shallow game with no single player value and only good for some senseless killing in coop
Posted 07:25pm 26/10/09
That about sums up 99.5% of game releases these days. Doesn't exactly shock me. I'm thinking of this like a FPS Diablo style game only without the whole random level thing so i'm pretty sure i'm gonna love it.
Posted 07:27pm 26/10/09
That about sums up 99.5% of game releases these days. Doesn't exactly shock me. I'm thinking of this like a FPS Diablo style game only without the whole random level thing so i'm pretty sure i'm gonna love it.

Thats pretty much what it is... minus demons and hell.. plus apocolyptic landscape and madmax style badies....
Posted 08:33am 27/10/09
So I got up at 7am to play this b****. Load up steam ready to go and "this game will unlock in 3 days"... Apparantly steam had the wrong unlock dates for this waited until under an hour left to fix the f*****g thing. 1 way or another i'm playing borderlands today... F*** you steam.
Posted 08:35am 27/10/09
Yeah, I just fired up Steam and saw the same thing, f*****g bulls*** :(
Posted 09:35am 27/10/09
What? The PC version comes out today, thus meaning the pre-order special will finish today as well?

S***.. Better get to organising guys here to go for the 4 pack!
Posted 10:11am 27/10/09
So I got up at 7am to play this b****. Load up steam ready to go and "this game will unlock in 3 days"... Apparantly steam had the wrong unlock dates for this waited until under an hour left to fix the f*****g thing. 1 way or another i'm playing borderlands today... F*** you steam.


Posted 10:16am 27/10/09
Loggin into steam using a US VPN will unlock the game FYI.
Posted 10:27am 27/10/09
Time to purchase that VPN that I have been meaning to get.
Posted 12:10pm 27/10/09
Word is that works.

Edit: Better yet, has a free 3 hour trial that works. You may need to delete your ClientRegistry.blob file so that it doesn't show up as 'unreleased' when you connect again without the proxy.

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Posted 12:19pm 27/10/09
For those angry, do what I did and follow these steps. Really works too.

1. Go to

2. Click "Start your free trial" under the WhoIs information

3. Enter in a valid email address

4. Login with your new credentials (which will be emailed to you in a few seconds)

5. Click "Dowload VPN tool" just inside the "PPTP settings" box.

[Note: The VPN tool is compatible with all versions of Windows including x64 Vista and Win7]

6. Open the VPN tool, click connect

7. Enter your PPTP password - NOT your regular password. The PPTP password is inside the box labeled "PPTP settings" when you're logged in

8. Restart Steam once or twice

9. Double click borderlands, unlock it

10. Click "file" in Steam, then select offline mode

11. Play the game 3 days before release

Also dont be alarmed when it unlocks and then starts downloading. It's an update to fix the version issues we got. It takes about 15 min since the VPN only really goes around 50kb/s

last edited by DM at 12:19:50 27/Oct/09
Posted 12:18pm 27/10/09
Would this also work to purchase myself a copy of L4d2 uncensored and ge mw2 at the better price?
Posted 01:32pm 27/10/09
you can just buy via the us/uk steam site for their respective versions and prices. btw I would avoid mw2, at the very least wait until the post release reviews.
Posted 01:35pm 27/10/09
I think you can delete the ClientRegistry.blob and restart steam while you are on the VPN, and you can then play borderlands without having to go into offline mode.
Posted 02:01pm 27/10/09
Do you have to stay on the VPN to be able to continue playing it online though?
Posted 02:10pm 27/10/09
Should have clarified, deleting the ClientRegistry.blob file and restarting steam while connected to the VPN should then let you play it without the VPN in online mode.

I think the ClientRegistry.blob stores all the release dates and whatnot, if it is regenerated while connected to the VPN, you should be good.

edit: not sure though, I'm at work for another 3 hours. Try it and see.

last edited by Tremble at 14:10:27 27/Oct/09
Posted 02:26pm 27/10/09
Well i'm playing right now and F*****G LOVE THE GAME. I'll try the whole clientregistry.blob thing later as i'm not gonna be quitting this all day long
Posted 07:27pm 27/10/09
ClientRegistry.blob thing doesn't work, offline mode it is.
re so
Posted 09:47pm 27/10/09
My Borderlands comp. Guess the day it is going to be released for realsy and win a copy of the game you bought! WOoOooOoOooOOoOooOo!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 01:29am 28/10/09
Ok so I caved in and downloaded borderlands through... less than reputable sources and have made an awesome discovery!

Steam and Normal versions BOTH use the same saved games/config files in your My Documents folder. I got a Hunter and Siren to 11 and 7 while the steam version was unlocked and then installed a cracked version (razor) and it loaded them fine. I'm not 100% on wether this will work in reverse so if you can't wait, start playing now i'd say. Chances are you won't lose your progress.

Lv 18 Hunter now with explosive sniper rifle, fire SMG and explosive magnum. Puts the hurting on things that's for sure. Can nearly 1 hit anything with a head shot.
Posted 01:58am 28/10/09
DM: Why did you have to download a dodgy BL?

Anyway did the above and got it working with some mates. Been playing most of the night. Level 18 now. Seems the game is a fair bit more challenging than going through it yourself.

My initial impressions is that it's a great game but there are such amateurish problems it gets annoying. Biggest being having to go through an .ini file to disable voice in your game. Not to mention that but if u were to leave it on, you have no choice in whether you want it be voice activated or push to talk. Luckily they made it voice activated to be extra intrusive. The total lack of graphics options and keyboard options is really bad as well. WTF mouse smoothing on by default? and again having to go through an .ini file to disable it...right this isnt the year 2000 anymore.

Besides that the game is good fun with a few friends. But unless you or one of your friends has a decent upload rate (at least 40kb/sec) its going to be pretty lame. For instance tonight, we had 1 guy to host and his upload was only 30k/sec. The game was laggy but fairly playable, but when he talked on vent it would lag up and basically snipping is a total write off. Bit of a shame when one characters whole tree is based around it. You kind of felt a bit useless with what felt like 300 ping. I ended up just spamming my pistol most of the time during a fight

Oh the other problem, you have to forward your ports if you want to host, and even when you do its still a bit iffy whether you can host or not.

last edited by CSIRAC at 01:58:24 28/Oct/09
Posted 02:02am 28/10/09
Because Australian version of BL isn't out for another 3 days, after steam pushed the release date back because of an error or some horses***.

19 Hunter now and got myself another Explosive Lv 3 sniper rifle with a "extremely high chance of elemental damage". Also got my first acid gun and god damn is it strong. Magnum so it already has a kick to it but add on the super awesome flesh eating acid and all it leaves behind is their armor (oddly enough). Shock aint all that useful cept to get rid of shields.

I've not fiddled with any of the options though so IDK what mouse smoothing will do. Seems to work just fine for me. I seem to remember gearbox also raving about how this was going to be a PC first game then change it to consoles. My ass. Pushing enter for menus? Next to no options? Auto aiming? yeah thanks there guys. Does NO ONE make games for the PC first anymore cept valve and blizzard?

last edited by DM at 02:02:10 28/Oct/09
Posted 02:08am 28/10/09
Oh i thought you did the whole proxy thing and got your steam BL working. Unless you just dl'ed 8gig so you could play the uncensored version for 3 days :P
Posted 09:40am 28/10/09
My Borderlands pre-load data had an update this morning. Anyone know if it's a fix for the low-violence crap?
Posted 01:56pm 28/10/09
Hmmm played all night :*( Level 36 with the game beaten story mode. Guess i go back and finish the other side quests now with good ole gamespy multiplayer.

Thought this game would have been longer? :(
Posted 12:29am 31/10/09
Sorry; Little sleep deprived but, When's this competition close and drawn?
Edit -NM I see, 9th Nov. in the fine print, needed glasses

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