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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:08pm 26/10/09 | 12 Comments
We take most rumours here with a grain of salt, but veteran industry analyst, Michael Pachter, believes the much sought HD-ified Wii will be landing in retail next year.

Appearing as a guest on Gametrailers' "Bonus Round" discussion panel, Pachter commented that we'd see a HD Wii "next fall" (Spring), which would put Nintendo in a stronger position to maintain competition against both Microsoft and Sony who will equally be launching new additions to their respective consoles in the form of Project Natal for Xbox 360 and the PS3's new motion-control device.

Nintendo have been hinting at bigger things to come for Wii in 2010, and with Pachter's connections in the industry and his foresight, it's not really a bad thing to be hoping for this to become a reality.


Latest Comments
Posted 01:12pm 26/10/09
I wonder how they're going to do it. Is it possible to do it with a firmware upgrade?
Posted 01:14pm 26/10/09
Nah FW won't cut it, the hardware in the Wii isn't up to it to be honest. Its been described as a couple of GameCubes duct taped together.

You'll need to buy a new box, but I would expect that existing games & peripherals would (f***en hopefully) be compatible - even at SD - to keep the migration cost down.
Posted 01:24pm 26/10/09
given how excessive wii piracy is and how piss poor porformance wise the system is, it would be in nintendos best interest to bring out a new console...

i saw marvel ultimate alliance 2 playing the other day and it almost made my eyeballs bleed
Posted 01:47pm 26/10/09
You'll need to buy a new box, but I would expect that existing games & peripherals would (f***en hopefully) be compatible - even at SD - to keep the migration cost down.
All the peripherals are Bluetooth or USB. And emulators on the PC handle scaling to higher resolutions just fine.
Posted 02:05pm 26/10/09
Hmm that's good to know Manty - the game just plays at high rez in a emu, without any additional coding?
Posted 02:10pm 26/10/09
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we had a thread on it ages ago. Here's a video:
Posted 02:16pm 26/10/09
Yeap, there's a few screenshots of super smash brawl in high res.
Posted 02:52pm 26/10/09
i saw marvel ultimate alliance 2 playing the other day and it almost made my eyeballs bleed

its more about gameplay and social interaction, rather than needing the whole house empty to play xbox 360 because its generally like masturbation :
you do it alone and it annoys other people to be around when you'e doing it.

but yeah, who wouldnt want a better looking version of there console?
Posted 03:17pm 26/10/09
Think of it this way:

- Wii games are already multi-resolution, varying between 480i 480p and 576i
- Many game textures are already a higher resolution than you can typically see - so that in close ups, the textures are not super blurry.

Hence it should be possible with the right hardware (and evidently is for some games given the PC-based HD project) to simply tell the game to run at another resolution, which if nothing else will let you see the full resolution of the textures from further away.

They certainly wont magically look as good as 360/PS3 games, but if done right they could build a HD console that increased the visual quality of existing games without creating a whole new platform.
Posted 03:31pm 26/10/09
^ tell nintendo that.
i have to admit though, some games have ps1 grphs.
im just a sucker for the remote action.
Posted 04:43pm 26/10/09
I dunno, I think the switch to HD came at a bad time. Not many 360 or PS3 games are running at 1080p native, most games are rendering at a lower resolution then scale the output to 1080p. Nintendo may have shrugged off supporting HD with the Wii, but it's afforded them the option to release a new console which could easily support rendering at 1080p with graphics that exceed the quality of the PS3 and 360.
Posted 04:57pm 26/10/09
with all this HD being dandy and all, I have to admit to the fact that I am sick of buying consoles with very small upgrade's to hardware. For me HD on my wii is no biggy. And Im not going to fork out more $$ for it.

For me.. The consoles got to last a couple of years, not a year and a bit.
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