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Post by Dan @ 11:59am 23/10/09 | 34 Comments
Just to rub salt in the wounds of yesterday's unfortunate news that the Left 4 Dead 2 classification appeal has failed, the game's intro cinematic has found its way online.

Click here to watch the intro movie for the game that is too violent for our country's tender citizens to play in it's intended original form.. Thanks for saving us nanny Atkinson!

left 4 dead 2trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 12:08pm 23/10/09
haha so awsome. ten times better than l4d's intro.
Posted 12:33pm 23/10/09
So will the intro video be censored I wonder? If it were in a movie it would only be MA15+ I reckon.
Posted 12:47pm 23/10/09
Sweet intro, someone hook me up with a USA gift!
Posted 01:50pm 23/10/09
Awesome 10 minute interview - NEW footage of 'Hard Rain' campaign. Awesome weather effects,;thumb;1&mode=previews
Posted 01:52pm 23/10/09
yer i watched all of gamespots hard rain vids lastnight. looks like an incredible campaign.
Posted 02:07pm 23/10/09
fuuuuuck yeah that is an awesome intro. love the durty south chainsaw action.
Posted 02:09pm 23/10/09
haha Tremble, I was wondering the same thing. I definitely saw decapitation, human like bodies and whatnot that has banned the game.

Maybe they'll have an Aussie only intro that will involve the survivors sitting down with the infected for a heated argument to work out their differences...
Posted 02:37pm 23/10/09
F*** that intro was awesome. Coach ftw.
Posted 02:55pm 23/10/09
Noticed in that video at one point he has adrenaline and the opportunity to pick up a defribillator (dunno if thats how its spelt, but those shock paddle things you use to start peoples hearts). What do those items do?
Posted 03:05pm 23/10/09
Defribulator (sp?) lets you revive a dead survivor, adrenaline gives you a temporary speed boost and makes you immune to the common infected mobbing/slowdown.
Posted 03:06pm 23/10/09
i have pre ordered the 4 pack looking forward to the early demo
Posted 03:08pm 23/10/09
So it lets you revive someone who's completely dead? Or is it a way to instantly get someone up who's been incapacitated?

Also, after seeing how awesome it looked in that video to be hacking away at zombies with axes and ninja swords and sending heads and limbs flying, I really don't want to play out sanitised version either :(
Posted 03:23pm 23/10/09
i know i hope there patch or something we can do to remove it
Posted 03:39pm 23/10/09
Pretty sure gabe has said that if the uncut version got RC'ed, they'd release a patch for the gimp version a day or 2 after release. Hope that wasn't just a rumor someone started. Anyway what is so bad about our version really? Sure it sucks we are getting an edited version but from memory L4D didn't have piles of bodies laying around and you couldn't really dismember people either cept for high powered weapons.
Posted 05:41pm 23/10/09
I'm pretty sure he said they would release a patch for the censored versions already printed if the appeal succeeded and the original game was classified
Posted 05:50pm 23/10/09
that chainsaw was insane. this is what was missing from the first - good old dirty melee.
Posted 05:56pm 23/10/09
Great Vid :)
Posted 06:03pm 23/10/09
Anyway what is so bad about our version really?

When I chainsaw a f***en zombie c*** I want to see it bleed. Because if it bleeds... we can kill it.

Pretty sweet trailer. Reminded me of how awesome it was going through the campaigns on hard mode first time round. Before everyone worked out all the lame-ish ways to avoid getting killed. Great fun.

Probably end up buying the cdwow option if gabe doesn't confirm a patch. Someone from overseas be a sport and hook us all up.
Posted 06:25pm 23/10/09
you couldn't really dismember people either cept for high powered weapons.

The first one didn't have axes and swords and chainsaws though :)
Posted 07:55pm 23/10/09
I have a copy of L4D2 if anyone wants it... i bought the 4 pack... selling for AUD$39 not making any money on it...
Posted 08:08pm 23/10/09

edit: wait, is it the non gimped version?
Posted 08:26pm 23/10/09
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

its the gimped version :(

i would be so there if it wasnt.
Posted 08:38pm 23/10/09
heh i like how they reached the "L" floor in elevator and open the doors for more gruesome mayhem, ending with the Left4Dead title screen.
Posted 08:48pm 23/10/09
Woah did ausgamers just do an ign with borderlands advertising?

p.s the first one was a lot better

last edited by greazy at 20:48:52 23/Oct/09
Posted 08:57pm 23/10/09
yeh its cut version
Posted 02:28am 24/10/09
l4d intro was way better, more of a realistic feeling to it
Posted 03:52am 24/10/09
look up the german's cut version of L4D.

It's not just 'reduced gore' as such or misisng dismemberment.
It's... zero blood, zombies disappear/fade out BEFORE they hit the ground, no animation of falling down, just fading out.

Its.... terrible. Thats what AU L4D2 will be :P
Posted 04:16am 24/10/09
haha sux 2 b u

if anyone wants me to hook up a steam gift let me know
Posted 11:53am 24/10/09
I'm very interested in gettign a non gimped version, but i reckon i'll probably wait for confirmation it'll work.
Posted 03:21pm 24/10/09
games available to preload on steam :(
Posted 03:35pm 24/10/09
F*** I hope Valve says something about a patch on censored versions before the pre-order offer ends on Tuesday. Getting keen but will hold out until something is said.
Posted 05:36pm 24/10/09
i have 1 copy left
Posted 08:43pm 24/10/09
pre loading the demo now :)
Posted 10:25pm 24/10/09
That trailer looks pretty phat.
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