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Post by Dan @ 11:15am 14/10/09 | 6 Comments
Ahead of the game's November release, EA and BioWare have released a standalone character creator for the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins. Word is:
The Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator and BioWare Social Network gives gamers a chance to kick start their adventure by creating a character and unique avatar online to reflect their in-game personality and share it with the Dragon Age: Origins community. The Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator also allows players to save their handmade character to use when the PC game launches in November.
Download it locally from AusGamers files (300MB).

dragon age originscharacter creator

Latest Comments
Posted 09:52am 15/10/09
god dam cnt wait 4 this to come out not long now, character creator is cool played around a bit wit it
Posted 10:04am 15/10/09
Pretty cool how it uploads to the bioware website. I was a bit disappointed though, I made my Dwarf warrior and it randomly generated the name "Duran" for him, but wouldn't let me also set his last name to "Duran".

Posted 12:52am 16/10/09
lol the last names are fixed.
Posted 01:36am 16/10/09
I bloody love this.

Also lol khel!
Posted 09:55am 16/10/09
This game has no co-op or multiplayer tho right ?
Posted 10:23am 16/10/09
That's right, which makes it perfect for you getting stuck on bridges and not being able to blame other people.

ps: after being able to download character creators for COH and CO, this is f*****g boring and the models look like s***. Will not play.
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