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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:55pm 13/10/09 | 17 Comments
AusGamers resident funny-man, Kosta Andreadis was given the task of reviewing MMO newcomer (at least in the Western world), Aion. But it's no mean feat reviewing an MMO, especially because things tend to change the higher you level up - so he's presented his review in two parts, beginning today with his initial road to levelling to 25 (where PvP opens up).

With that in mind, there will be an official review follow-up coming once he's tested the true multiplayer portions of the game, but if you're still unsure of it, or what to expect, Part 1 of Kosta's review should straighten you out.

Click here for the full (initial) Aion run-down.


Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:51pm 13/10/09
methinks I will be signing up
Posted 05:08pm 13/10/09
Why waste your time and money, not to mention ncsoft has been banning ports which proxies like lowerping / smoothping etc use to stop botters / gold spammers but is raping Oceanic players so they're having to get bypasses etc.
Posted 05:21pm 13/10/09
Re the proxies blocking. Just remove port 2706 from your rules and leave 7777 behind. Works fine then.

This solution appeared within hours on the smoothping, lowerping and no doubt other proxy support forums within hours of the block problem appearing.
Posted 05:40pm 13/10/09
Well, they are trying to stop botting and gold spammers and things have improved in recent days. And XaartaX is right, a fix was made available pretty quick.
Posted 05:48pm 13/10/09
Worth trying out for sure.
Posted 10:37pm 13/10/09
Been playing a bit, have a 22 Chanter and a 20 SM. Its a lot of fun - nothing relaly ground breaking, although the chain skill system gives combat a nice flow that is absent in other MMOs I've tried.

A few people have a pretty sever crash bug in cities at the moment and I'm one of them - have to hide player models before going to major towns to avoid crashes. This will prevent Abyss mass PVP so hopefully they'll fix it soon!

(Have a support ticket open with NCSoft ...)
Posted 09:42am 14/10/09
Bad lag, improved mildly by proxy or tunneling.
Nothing overly new up to where I quit at 18. Slow and grindy. Complete lack of variety in NPCs. Limit character specialisation (everyone pretty much looked the same).
I regret the purchase.
Posted 11:15am 14/10/09
LvL 26.75 Ranger Elyos here.

It picks up a bit when you hit abyss/instances.
However in saying that, I only play a bit here and there due to other commitments and only level up maybe once every couple of days (pretty sure I was 25 for nearly a week), so it doesn't get quite as boring for myself.

Those who are 40+ already and play 18 hours a day of it I have no idea how they haven't jumped in front of a train yet.

But otherwise, its still better than WoW imo.
Posted 11:28am 14/10/09
Yeah im a 28 Chanter and im quite enjoying it atm.

As said the game definately picks up after level 25. Did a fortress raid a couple of nights ago and we captured all 3 fortresses, it was awesome.
Posted 11:35am 14/10/09
Level 31 Elyos SM here. Agree with obes about it being s***, but you need to give it until 25 you massive carebear. Enjoy going back to wow pve.

Aion pvp is f*****g fun, you dont know what level people your fighting and it appears balanced. I can't wait until my pets can fly so I can actually do some more deeeeeps.
Posted 11:40am 14/10/09
Level 20 Templar and just moved into the next zone (Morheim). Really enjoying it but I haven't been sitting there for hours and hours each day grinding away so that's probably why it still has an enjoyment factor.
Posted 11:47am 14/10/09
If you're not a giant f**ot, playing on the aussie server as elyoss and you dont have a guild, send me a pm/add me to friends and I'll hook you up.
Posted 11:48am 15/10/09
Sure but its weird being in a guild called "Likes it in the ass", unless your Casa, cause it makes Sense.

Posted 11:53am 15/10/09
Nah not going back to wow. I don't have the attention span for it.

If only Diablo 2 had wide screen high res.
Posted 11:57am 15/10/09
Did you play Titan Quest?
Posted 12:13pm 15/10/09
omfg keato
Posted 12:18pm 15/10/09
That is not a bite, that's not even a nibble.

Boba would have raged.. might still being he's in the same guild as you.
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