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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:54am 13/10/09 | 22 Comments
You may have already seen this in another forum post, but in case you missed, AusGamers will be taking part in a discussion panel tonight for the newly constructed videogaming chat show, Byteside.

Tonight's topic covers the coveted community of videogames. Where do they come from, how did it start, how do you keep them entertained and loyal? A plethora of discussion points are bound to crop up, and if you live in Sydney, you're welcome to come down and check it out and even throw a question or two our way, but please no vegetables or fruit.

If you're interested, just hit this link for more details.


Latest Comments
Posted 12:00pm 13/10/09
Why does everything cool happen in Sydney? Seems like Nintendo won't be representing. Not surprised really.
Posted 12:08pm 13/10/09
Insert Game of the Year jokes here.

Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:40pm 13/10/09
Game of the Year walks into a bar...
Posted 01:03pm 13/10/09
I also recommend going if you're in Sydney, Seamus and the guys are very entertaining.
Posted 01:43pm 13/10/09
online video questions like QANDA or gtfo
Posted 03:04pm 13/10/09
I would go but I can't be arse, that and mum's cooking a lamb roast (no s***!) and it's my first roast since I've been back, there is no f*****g way I'll be missing it
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:08pm 13/10/09
I think I'd prefer HeardY's mum's roast too
Posted 03:24pm 13/10/09
do you know exactly what they will be talking about in regards to gaming Steve? it's a pretty big topic. or will they expect you to drive the agenda for your segment? is it panel discussion, or interview style?

edit: er well i guess you said discussion panel, so i assume panel style then.

last edited by infi at 15:24:58 13/Oct/09
Posted 03:39pm 13/10/09
should learn to read the first post infi
Posted 03:46pm 13/10/09
i want to know if they have briefed him on the particular issues to be discussed or its just a general shoot the breeze.

i hate all these light and content-free discussion on gaming, it would be good to see some more detailed and aware discussions on the topic.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:56pm 13/10/09
the topic of community?
Posted 11:59pm 13/10/09
Well done to Steve, he put up some interesting points while being very entertaining. I think he was most talkative out of the group, hopefully we get to see him on there again.
Posted 09:22am 14/10/09
I was out, how did it go?
Posted 09:27am 14/10/09
Is there a youtube or something? I wanna see our boy in action!
Posted 09:36am 14/10/09
Massive props to Steve for representin AG!
Posted 09:43am 14/10/09
hogfather, keep an eye on this site, it may show up there:
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:02am 14/10/09
Come and introduce yourself next time Crash
Posted 11:19am 14/10/09
I'm Luke, have said hi a few times, usually around with Joab. Sat next to you at the Valve event last week and had a bit of a game of Left 4 dead with ya... before it crashed on you :D

last edited by Crash at 11:19:47 14/Oct/09
Posted 11:35am 14/10/09
Steve: You can normally find Luke holding Joab's pocket
Posted 11:49am 14/10/09
you're just jealous Jared. When you come back to Sydney I'll hold your pocket.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:02pm 14/10/09
ah cool, had no idea you were an AG regular ;)

How crazy was the Sony guy pimping PS3 at every conceivable opportunity
Posted 12:13pm 14/10/09
haha yeah, i guess that's his job though so cant really blame him much for trying at every opportunity. I also give him props for not bashing the xbox every time it was mentioned...which was alot.

Seemed like you smashed through a few beers, im waiting for someone on the panel to sink a bunch of shots then get up and do the show. That could be quality to watch.
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