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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:37am 12/10/09 | 14 Comments
Another week has rolled up (funny that... how time works), and we have yet another quick reminder post letting you know what's on the horizon - games release-wise - for you and your platform/system of choice. If you need a reminder of what was released last week, you can check out our previous Game Releases post right here.

This week:
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3 - A game that answers the question of what it's like to live amongst thieves in a map-less environment (October 15)
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii - Three times the Samus in widescreen: taking the interactive 'space bounty hunter porn' niche to the next level (October 15)
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC, Xbox 360 - Please note, this game does not feature actual "dragons" (October 15)
  • Brutal Legend PS3, Xbox 360, PC - Finally the world's cry for "Jack Black: The Videogame" is answered (October 15)
  • Cities XL PC - Coming out the day after tomorrow; you too can build your own modern city, then lay waste to it - Roland Ememrich style (October 15)
  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition PS3, Xbox 360, PC - Washington DC experiences its third nuclear fallout, without the help of Roland Emmerich (October 15)
  • NBA Live 10 PSP - If you wan't to watch a live game of NBA, turn on your TV (October 15)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Wii, DS - Years from now scientists will be baffled at the blue mustached Italian spikey creature found frozen in ice (October 15)
  • Cursed Mountain Wii - Comes packaged with cursed frogurt (October 15)
  • Disney Sing It: Pop Hits Standalone PS3, Wii - The ghost of Walt Disney is back from the beyond to sing classic hits from Miley Cirus and Hannah Montana. Apparently these are two different people (October 15)
  • Wii Fit Plus Wii - Think "epic first-person sci fi shooter" then subtract every one of those words and replace with "yoga" (October 15)
There you have it - an epic list of games releasing across all systems (with handy summaries - thanks to K-man for his help on those), and as always, if there's anything you know we've missed here, drop a line in the Comments section. Stay tuned next Monday for your weekly Games Releases update.

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Posted 11:43am 12/10/09
Cursed Mountain sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. The Wii is slowly getting some interesting titles, but a lot of them force you to use the wii remote in retarded and annoying ways.
Posted 11:43am 12/10/09
There wasn't anything big that came out last week, not sure why brutal legend or uncharted didn't take one of the spots. Now they are just competing with each other.
Posted 11:44am 12/10/09
I thought Brutal legends hasnt come out in Australia?
Posted 11:45am 12/10/09
And Flashpoint was release on steam on Saturday :P
Posted 11:47am 12/10/09
I thought Brutal legends hasnt come out in Australia?
It's not October 15 yet.
Posted 11:53am 12/10/09
No Dragons in Dragon Rising!? where do I get the phat lewts??
Posted 11:58am 12/10/09
Posted 12:03pm 12/10/09
Uncharted 2 ftw
Posted 01:20pm 12/10/09
Thx Crash, I feel much better now.
Posted 02:34pm 12/10/09
wow look at that old coca cola can
Posted 02:36pm 12/10/09
I thought brutal legend wasn't coming to PC, its listed beside the Brutal Legend link.
I hope I'm wrong this game would be great on PC (especially cause i dont have xbox or ps3 :)
Posted 11:03pm 12/10/09
Lols the wii fit description!
Posted 11:05pm 12/10/09
brutal legend isnt coming out on PC...
Posted 11:14pm 12/10/09
well thats lame
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