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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:37am 07/10/09 | 10 Comments
The internet is abuzz with "inside word" Visceral Games, the team behind Dead Space and the forthcoming Dante's Inferno, are also working on a game based on the notorious Jack the Ripper.

According to reports, it's one of two games they're working on that haven't been officially announced, which is in line with information AusGamers was told recently (off the record info) that the team are indeed working on something as yet unannounced. This makes sense though, as Visceral was effectively given free reign to produce mature titles for EA, and you don't get a lot more mature than Jack the Ripper.

Stay tuned for more as it's revealed.

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Posted 09:41am 07/10/09
I wonder if you will play as the ripper.

If so, awesome.
Posted 09:41am 07/10/09
i wonder if you get to see the rape
Posted 09:48am 07/10/09
I wonder if you will play as the ripper.

either that or a detective trying to catch him
Posted 01:54pm 07/10/09
or a bystander... nothing to do with it
Posted 02:01pm 07/10/09
This sounds like the least interesting game concept ever. Do they just have a board up with a bunch of classics pinned up on it that they throw darts at now?
Posted 03:52pm 07/10/09
Forget it, it will be refused classification regardless.
Posted 04:36pm 07/10/09
Wow, I never even realised EA Melbourne got re-branded to Visceral Games, thats sweet.
Posted 01:59pm 13/10/09
not to mention they are just rehashing max payne games and adding a supernatural element.

the more i think about it the more retarded it all seems
Posted 08:57pm 13/10/09
Wow, I never even realised EA Melbourne got re-branded to Visceral Games, thats sweet.


Headquarters Redwood City, USA United States

Posted 09:04pm 13/10/09
2 seconds of googling finds me a press release on electronic arts' website about the Visceral Games rebranding:

Visceral Games is located in Redwood Shores, California at the same site location as the EA corporate headquarters. The same location is also home to The Sims Studio. Visceral Games has a branch office in Melbourne, Australia.
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