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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:57am 06/10/09 | 9 Comments
Continuing their roll out of Dragon Age: Origins media, BioWare have given us another glimpse at the new fantasy world they've crafted here, this time with an emphasis in their video on the history of the land, its lore and the potential for that history to not only be fully explored in this game, but others in the future, as well.

It's looking more and more like this could be a sleeper epic, with its richly detailed world, complex story and partial nudity.

For the full video click here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:23pm 06/10/09
I'm scared - this is the kind of fantasy game that I'd probably enjoy. Partial nudity + blood = chance for above m15 ratings..

Every decent game now i have to worry whether or not it will make it past classification :(
Posted 12:34pm 06/10/09
I wouldn't worry about that, looks like it's all good
Posted 12:51pm 06/10/09
wish they would do something with the facial animations. they are so s***.
Posted 01:21pm 06/10/09
I wouldn't worry about that

Cool :)
Posted 01:56pm 06/10/09
I'll play this. Looks right up my alley.
Posted 02:16pm 06/10/09
wish they would do something with the facial animations. they are so s***.

In my mind BioWare RPG games have always hit a good balance between graphics and gameplay. Often games are all abouts the graphics and beauty and often lack in gameplay due to this emphasis towards graphics. BioWare gets the balance pretty good in my opinion.

although I could be said to be biased....
Posted 02:19pm 06/10/09
No offense stinky but I don't think you know anything about bioware at all
Posted 03:57pm 06/10/09
yeah, i'm going with trog, Mass Effect and ME2 were/will be great graphically.
Posted 04:45pm 06/10/09
Looks like a yawn-fest. Just because the world is huge, doesn't mean it will be fun.
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