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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:52am 30/09/09 | 30 Comments
Valve have announced the official release of their latest Left 4 Dead DLC (downloadable content) update, "Crash Course" for both PC and Xbox 360. To celebrate the release of their second DLC pack, Left 4 Dead will also be available from Steam for 50% off through till October 1st.
Entitled "Crash Course," the latest DLC delivers new single-player, multiplayer and co-operative gameplay to both platforms. "Crash Course" bridges the gap between the end of the "No Mercy" campaign and the beginning of "Death Toll" in the original game, expanding the game universe with new locations, new dialogue from the original cast, and an explosive finale.

While containing both Survival maps and a Co-operative Campaign, the primary goal of "Crash" is to deliver a complete Versus mode experience in just 30 minutes, resulting in a streamlined version of the game's existing Versus campaigns. A recharge timer for infected teammates has also been added, and item spawn behavior has changed for more balanced gameplay.
This release, of course, comes in the wake of Left 4 Dead 2 controversy, which has seen the game, ahead of its intended November release, Refused Classification in Australia; Valve only recently attempting to reverse the decision with an appeal.

left 4 deaddlc

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Posted 10:54am 30/9/09
They have pulled the current L4D2 classification result from the Classification Board database. Guess they must pull it as part of appeals process.
Posted 11:04am 30/9/09
What Pinky?
Posted 11:06am 30/9/09
He said they have pulled the current L4D2 classification result from the classification board database. He thinks they must pull it as part of the appeals process.
Posted 11:08am 30/9/09
must be hard of hearing ...:|
Posted 11:09am 30/9/09
May fire up the old L4D to check this out.
Posted 11:13am 30/9/09
Musnt be on Gaymarina cause its coming down off internode. Humf.
Posted 11:13am 30/9/09
Yeah, I said they have pulled the current L4D2 classification result from the classification board database. I think they must pull it as part of the appeals process.
Posted 11:19am 30/9/09
Lol, I still don't get it man. I feel dumb. So are you saying that somebody knows the result of the appeal process? What do you mean "pull it as part of the appeals process"?
Posted 11:31am 30/9/09
They remove it from the list while the decision is pending?
Posted 11:36am 30/9/09
It must be part of the appeals process.
Posted 12:44pm 30/9/09
this map is short all right, though it's nice to see the level designers went all out with extra nades and respawn spots
Posted 12:50pm 30/9/09
lol, every second thread on the steam forums is a complaint about crash course
Posted 01:06pm 30/9/09

- l4d2 was classified, and the results published on the oflc website - "RC" (refused classification)

- valve have appealed this decision, or at least the resulting ban on the product

- pinky is of the opinion that the results have now been removed

- he wonders if this might be something that happens be as a result of the appeal process

Posted 01:27pm 30/9/09
Short, sweet, to the point campaign. Loved the reference in the finale.
Posted 02:22pm 30/9/09
mmmm running gags. You guys have just made my day!
Posted 03:20pm 30/9/09
Thanks Jim! :)

I finally get it.
Posted 03:22pm 30/9/09
any chicks coming to next appeals process?
Posted 03:39pm 30/9/09
Hrmmm, every server I try and join has like ~400 or higher ping and is completely unplayable :(
Posted 04:19pm 30/9/09
Just the opening day flood of noobs (quite literally seeing as the 50% off has attracted heaps of new players). The better servers should free up again soon... hopefully.
Posted 04:34pm 30/9/09
Yeah, saw that (50% off) deal. Annoying as f*** tho.
Posted 04:49pm 30/9/09
cant seem to find a game with a decent ping :(
Posted 05:03pm 30/9/09
"Scanning for steam game updates..."

Love it.
Posted 05:19pm 30/9/09
good point ranvos.

- mp_gamemode is either borked or renamed. there's no mention of that in the changes list :/

- having the next map not load when playing online without any other players is beginning to get annoying. gee ya gotta lurve that black screen :/

- sv_search_key rarely works now :/ when putting a survivor server together from the Lobby we'll often end up on someone else's box (which isn't so bad.. just can't easily kick idiots when they come in though or play our Survival/VS game mode).

- and *this* made me laugh.. if you're trying to connect to your own clan/group server online (survival game) L4D will now instead create a local lan server instead of connecting you to your steam group server. lulz

I can jump directly into our server while others are playing and manually boot them out - but that's pretty fkn mean. Up until now it's been a rule for the group that we just don't do stuff like that. such is life I guess :/

oh - I found out today you can 'kick' hunters, smokers, etc. guess what kinda of retardedness happens if you BAN them? heheheh. I love this game, but bugger me it needs some work now eh

yeah I already sent this stuff in to Valve

last edited by koopz at 17:19:27 30/Sep/09
Posted 06:01pm 30/9/09
Plenty of games available when I was playing it this morning. Thought it was okay. Pretty fun but very short, and the finale isn't anything like the other finales. Could barely tell it was a finale.
Posted 06:49pm 30/9/09
L4D can't see my steam group servers now :/
Posted 08:43pm 30/9/09
Posted 09:14pm 30/9/09
Just played it, I found it pretty underwhelming. It was nice playing a game of L4D again without knowing where to go, but I just didn't find it to be a very interesting map. All of the good hunter spots are blocked by invisible walls, it doesn't look very interesting, and it seems really cluttered. I'd definitely rate it below all of the existing campaigns.
Posted 09:39pm 30/9/09
Have you played Crash Course?

Yeah, you don't need to play Crash Course.
Posted 09:53pm 30/9/09
IS anyone else's steam group server lists working/not working?
Posted 09:59pm 30/9/09
wtf cant find any aussie servers at all. all the servers i joined i had 700+ ping
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