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THQ Australia were kind enough to not only update us with new Darksiders info, but also have said info presented by the game's creator and comic book legend Joe Madureira.

While we've played available builds of the game to death, it was revealed we'll be seeing it on store shelves early in 2010 with a January 7 street date. Moreover, the builds we've played to death have been shelved in favour of more changes for the good with Madureira also telling us combat system veteran, Eric Williams, of God od War I and II fame has been brought onboard to tighten the game's fighting system which has actually had some of its moves and combos stripped back because it wasn't "intuitive enough" and there was apparently too much they were trying to cram in. But it's all for the better.

New weapons and abilities were also revealed including the 'Abyssal Chain' which is a hookshot style 'Gear & Equipment' upgrade (basically a permanent dungeon reward), the Cross Blade which is a boomerang style mutiple target weapon (another Gear & Equipment upgrade) and the most awesome of all, Chaos Form which is an overlimit power up. Switch it on and War will transform into an awesome red, flaming, hulking, giant beast which, believe me, looks really, really cool. In total there are six permanent dungeon upgrades the rest of which will be revealed soon.

In all, Darksiders is fast becoming our most wanted holiday period release with today's demo and revelations only making us want it more.

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