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Post by Freewheelin @ 03:08pm 15/09/09 | 11 Comments
EIDOS brings word that this Thursday people will get their first taste of Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC in the form of two new challenge maps.

With a stealth mission and a slaw mission it's sure to keep people interested.

Its great to see DLC being made available so soon after the games release, and being free you know it this one isn't just another grubby money grab by the publishers.

Will the next DLC rumoured to be released next week also be free? Stay tuned: same bat channel, same bat..

batman: arkham asylumdlc

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Posted 06:38pm 15/9/09
Looking forward to this. Best game this year in my books.

ps - its
Posted 10:31am 16/9/09
news of free dlc makes me want to buy this game
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:47pm 16/9/09
Yep, the game that just keeps on giving, and since I 100% everything it has, I'll diving into this as soon as we're back from TGS!!!
Posted 03:10pm 16/9/09
will the steam version get dlc?
Posted 04:13pm 16/9/09
Id say you can be pretty confident about that
Posted 04:24pm 16/9/09
dunno. didnt get the dlc for mirrors edge
Posted 05:59pm 16/9/09
I think the reason you couldnt get mirrors edge dlc is because steam has only recently added DLC support. I could be wrong though.
Posted 07:40pm 16/9/09
That, and Mirrors Edge and Batman have completely different publishers.
Posted 09:17am 17/9/09
is this even out on PC yet? as much as i'd love to have a console to play it on affording one isnt really a priority
Posted 12:01am 18/9/09
on steam is Available: 19 September 2009
Posted 10:42pm 18/9/09
bah game is out on steam but it doesnt look like its hosted on the gamearena steam server. guess i will have to wait until the end of the month to get it.
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