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Post by Dan @ 04:19pm 11/09/09 | 23 Comments
After several teasers, Funcom (Age of Conan, Anarchy Online) have finally revealed the first in-game visuals from their next big MMORPG The Secret World, following their debut presentation at the recent PAX 2009 Expo.
The Secret World features a unique, modern-day setting where players get to explore real-world locations such as New York, Seoul and London as they battle the forces of darkness together with thousands of other players from around the globe. Featuring class-less and level-less content, The Secret World will allow gamers to customize their characters as they see fit and play the game the way they want to play it thanks to several unique, freeform game-play mechanics.
The Secret World is in the works for PC and Xbox 360 but has not yet been dated for release.

the secret worldscreenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 04:25pm 11/9/09
their next big MMORPG The Secret World

Didn't they describe AoC like that too?
Posted 04:27pm 11/9/09
That second picture is hilarious. Two of the characters have swords...
Posted 04:38pm 11/9/09
Whys that hilarious?
Posted 05:15pm 11/9/09
Unfortunately after purchasing age of conan, i no longer feel like supporting Funcom.

Dont believe the hype, i got into Age of Conan because it was apparently 'the next WoW'.

If they were an aussie developer and not somewhere in europe i would torch thier offices.
Posted 05:16pm 11/9/09
no you wouldn't
Posted 05:21pm 11/9/09
I'd throw plates at their office.
Posted 05:21pm 11/9/09
i would touch their orifices.
Posted 05:40pm 11/9/09
The Secret World

Spam in a can, DO NOT WANT.
Posted 05:48pm 11/9/09
Lol, yeah they think it will be for Xbox 360 as well...must have some interesting deals with Microshaft. AoC was supposed to be for Xbox..didn't happen. DX10 was supposed to be working at the begining with AoC....took 12 months.....and they reckon they'll be able to have Xbox and PC on the same server......
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:53pm 11/9/09
I won't be playing but it will be interesting to see how it goes since Conan was such a hit for them.
Posted 07:27pm 11/9/09
Well I like what I've seen, I'll give em a chance to learn from AoC, this setting is much better.
Posted 08:35pm 11/9/09
i did that closed beta application thing that asks you questions then places you into 1 of the three factions. i got the dragon faction
Posted 09:49pm 11/9/09
I got Illuminati, what ever that means.
Posted 09:53pm 11/9/09
It means faceman will start sprouting bulls*** about you.
Posted 10:27pm 11/9/09
Whys that hilarious?
Checkout what they're fighting, it's like a house decided to become a transformer. Do you think swords are going to do anything?
Posted 10:35pm 11/9/09
they should just suicide bomb it amirite?
Posted 11:25pm 11/9/09
Yeah, but its not really any more ridiculous than any other MMO. You fight big gods and hit their toes with swords till they die in WoW.

I'm really not sure what to think about this game, but the setting is pretty cool if nothing else.
Posted 08:34pm 12/9/09
Flaming sword Greazy, that makes all the difference.
Posted 02:28am 13/9/09
Yeah but in a fantasy world that sort of thing fits right in, but you can't bring a concrete monster and except the same game elements to work.
Posted 02:33am 13/9/09
It's not meant to work, it's not trying to be realistic.
Posted 12:53pm 13/9/09
I love realistic games (ArmaII player here), I want all shooters to be realistic, hate things like UT and Doom (3), but for MMO's I don't feel like they are trying to be realistic, so I have no expectations, I have no issue with things that don't make any real world sense, just me I guess.
Posted 10:28pm 13/9/09
The Secret World

No Alex Mac, no care.
Posted 10:33pm 13/9/09
No Alex Mac, no care.

i loved that show when i was a kid.
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