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Post by Dan @ 08:47am 11/09/09 | 23 Comments
EA Have released a playable demo for the latest instalment in their annual soccer franchise, the hotly anticipated FIFA 10.

Windows PC gamers can nab the sampler right here (2.2GB) from AusGamers files which reportedly offers 6 playable teams.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions are supposedly coming also, however we have not received confirmation on when exactly these will be hitting Australian services.

fifa 10demo

Latest Comments
Posted 08:50am 11/9/09
It's going to be a long afternoon at work with beers and fifa!
Stop Looking At Me Swan
Posted 08:55am 11/9/09
its friggin sex
Posted 12:57pm 11/9/09
After playing it for half an hour I'm not too impressed with the PC demo.

Hopefully it's a lot better on console
Stop Looking At Me Swan
Posted 01:08pm 11/9/09
Its good on the 360

AI is 100% improved. Better movement with the players and its more realistic.
Posted 02:38pm 11/9/09
all fifa games are boring as f***
Stop Looking At Me Swan
Posted 02:57pm 11/9/09
Dont be a hater if you cant play it
Posted 03:23pm 11/9/09
I'm gonna be all over FIFA10 like ya mum over the kitchen sink.
Posted 03:25pm 11/9/09
Dont be a hater if you cant play it

yer its fully hard to kick a ball around....

soccer is just boring. imo
Posted 03:29pm 11/9/09
yer its fully hard to kick a ball around....

Yeah you totally can't play it.
This is one of the better games which pays big time if you practice and learn all the things you can do with the ball + strategy. There's a lot to it.

I've played it for years and I still find someone that can kick my ass every now and again. It's not just kicking a bawwl arouuund... its saaaiyanncee
Posted 03:33pm 11/9/09
Scoobs why bother clicking on this thread, let alone posting, if you don't even like football.

Stop Looking At Me Swan
Posted 03:35pm 11/9/09
Exactly right! Why post for?

Move on troll

Back on topic

The movement of the players are so more realistic.
Posted 03:42pm 11/9/09
Because this is a forum you knob.
Posted 03:43pm 11/9/09
p.s soccer sucks.
Stop Looking At Me Swan
Posted 03:49pm 11/9/09
keep on moving....

I dont understand why anyone would comment useless random information about something they have no intention of playing?!?

ps I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
Posted 03:53pm 11/9/09
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
Posted 05:29pm 11/9/09
USA sucks harder than your mum.
Posted 09:50am 13/9/09
Man the PC version is f*cking balls. What a disappointment... I thought it was supposed to be the same as the 360 version? :/
Posted 11:19am 13/9/09
yeah i was alittle disappointed in the pc demo. i mean 2.2gb and that was it. i was expecting more. i have only managed 1 game so far.

i'm still trying to decide on getting a ps3 or xbox360 for when this gets released.
Posted 11:36am 13/9/09
Get a 360, and the only reason for saying that is because i have one.
Posted 11:42am 13/9/09
I nabbed the demo off the PSN for PS3 and it's fantastic. A lot better than the pc version
Posted 07:59am 14/9/09
I gotta agree with jadz i also grabbed it on ps3 and as someone that doesn't particularly go for soccer games and the like I really enjoyed the demo and considering getting this at launch.
Posted 09:27am 14/9/09
Just did some Googling, and man Pro Evo 2010 for the PC looks supremely better - and we all know that PES gameplay is solid.

I think I'll be switching to the PES series until EA bring their 'next gen' engine to the PC with 2011/2012.
Posted 11:06am 14/9/09
I think FIFA10 will be better just because it wont have Ronaldos goofy ass face on the intro screen

nah it was great, i dig the way you can muscle dudes out of possesion
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