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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:20pm 09/09/09 | 18 Comments
While over at this year's BlizzCon, Dotarray managed to grab lead world designer (what a title), Leonard Boyarsky and art director, Christian Lichter of Diablo 3 to talk to them about everything shown this year, and controversies from last year amidst much of their own brand of excitement for their own product.

The interview touches on changes to the Witch Doctor after last year's reveal, new loot protocols, that art-style and just what the heck was up with the Xmas 2009 release rumour circulating the event.

Click this link for the full interview.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:31pm 09/9/09
The info on looting is the best stuff here...
Posted 01:37pm 09/9/09
Yeah i agree, although it was fun trying to click as fast as you can to pick s*** up. Like he said though, it made people try and solo everything in the game, because it was so painful to kill a boss only to have 1 cheeky prick with a loot hack pick it all up.

I really like the way they are going with it, i wonder what the next class will be like? I'm guessing an amazon type character.
Posted 04:11pm 09/9/09
bind of equip will keep the economy at float but i am afraid all those d2jsp users will ruin the game eventually.
Posted 04:19pm 09/9/09
They are only planning on bind on equip for the top end equipment.

They will be adding in money sinks to avoid crazy inflation.
Posted 05:20pm 09/9/09
BoE? Seriously? f*****g hell.
Posted 07:31pm 09/9/09
The whole thing about having loot per player is old. Didn't they say that when they first announced it? Seriously I often feel like your reviews bring nothing to the table, that they are just a rehash of everything we knew before.

Why not ask if the current theme of being able to see everything (normally) on the screen in dungeons was a conscious design choice? Why choose a lighting scheme where everything is lit equally? Or is that just in the bits we've seen. These are better questions then just getting the standard answer we had months and months ago.

It's fine to go over those things in a review, or if you are commenting on a demo. But what is the point of having an interview if you won't ask anything new?
Posted 08:49pm 09/9/09
That's a pretty bold post for a new guy, but I do agree with you; and it isn't just QGL either. A lot of sites ask dev's the same questions that have been answered over and over.
I like the occasions where you guys ask the forums what questions should be posed to the developers before the interview. If you want to differentiate yourselves from the rest of the herd, you could stick to that. That way QGL will be a source of fresh information, and not just another gaming news site.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:47am 10/9/09
Posted 09:11am 10/9/09
woo so excited
Posted 09:17am 10/9/09
don't listen to the haters, steve!
Posted 10:00am 10/9/09
don't listen to the haters, steve!

Posted 11:08am 10/9/09
hey Lynx we do when we're given the opportunity
Yep, that's what I was talking about.
Things like that make Ausgamers feel more like a community and less like a media outlet.

last edited by Lynx at 11:08:25 10/Sep/09
Posted 11:17am 10/9/09
Do you people understand the purpose of publicity? The game isn't due for like another year, why the f*** would he tell you everything you want to know about it now so you have nothing new to find out when the game comes out?

Go watch an interview with a movie star about a particular movie, then watch another, then watch another, they're all the same questions because they're not allowed to ask anything else.
Posted 12:09pm 10/9/09
Yeah, i don't think Steve wants to go to interview someone and the only answers he get is "Sorry we can't answer that question.".

Would make for a s***** interview.
Posted 12:33pm 10/9/09
Would make it a hard hitting interview.
Posted 01:13pm 10/9/09
Way to act like a moron casa.
I wasn't telling Steve to pester the developers about say, the next class to be revealed. Just if there are fans who want to know about a certain aspect of the games mechanics that remains unclear, then he can relay those questions to the dev's face to face; and this goes for other games too.

Steve already does this, I'm just saying that I like the idea and hope he asks the forums more often.
Posted 01:29pm 10/9/09
what are you even talking about, way to bite when i wasnt even baiting you though, top shelf work there
Posted 01:52pm 10/9/09
It's a troll eat troll world.

P.S the forums isn't just a bunch of trolls and trollees. there's discussion in there too!
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