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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:52pm 02/09/09 | 12 Comments
Our very own Dotarray, who was on-hand at this year's BlizzCon, has compiled a run-down of what's exactly in store for Diablo fans with the third instalment of the game, looking at all of the game's classes thus far, including the BlizzCon 09-revealed Monk class.

She talks about the game's new User Interface, the removal of the town portal, that much talked about visual style, monsters, the number of monsters and more.

For the full preview, click here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:58pm 02/9/09
Who is this dotarray and how do I get her job?

Imo next class will be ranged non-spell type, perhaps with some shape shifting thrown in for good measure.
Posted 01:11pm 02/9/09
no town portal? thats ridicerous

doesn't that kind put the game on even more of a set path?
Posted 01:14pm 02/9/09
Maybe they're including more checkpoints in the maps?
Posted 01:19pm 02/9/09
Their reasoning about no TP is that instead of it being a transport method, it was more commonly used as an escape mechanism from tough situations, which is spot on the money. On the flipside, in hell difficulty you often needed an escape mechanism when you got swarmed by 3 specials that could each one shot my conc barb.

You can see they tried to fix it in D2 with the ancients fight.
Posted 01:21pm 02/9/09
hell yes it was an escape haha
Posted 02:54pm 02/9/09
There's nothing more enjoyable than working out a a strategy to taking out a bunch of specials. How are you meant to return to town though? I beat they're going to introduce something similar to the hearth stone in wow.
Posted 03:09pm 02/9/09
That's going to f*** over hardcore players nicely!
Posted 03:09pm 02/9/09
I guess the check points that are a few minutes apart may work as waypoints?
Posted 03:13pm 02/9/09
That's going to f*** over hardcore players nicely!

What are you on about? I though hardcore players enjoy the most masochistic gameplay mechanics ;)

edit: they said there will be some kinda of waypoint system as well to get around, ie so there is no travel time

last edited by Thundercracker at 15:13:26 02/Sep/09
Posted 03:16pm 02/9/09
ie so there is no travel time

A rewind button in D3 would be awesome. Of course to fill up the meter you have to continually kill monsters.
Posted 03:22pm 02/9/09
Diablo 3: Sands of time?
Posted 03:30pm 02/9/09
Diablo 3: Crank of Time. If you let the meter fall below critical level you die.
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