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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:03am 02/09/09 | 34 Comments
Only 16 more sleeps for the PC crowd until you're hiding in the shadows of Arkham Asylum's creepy sections, taking out the Joker's henchman and generally just striking fear into the hearts of all criminals you intercept paths with.

Also, for the PC crowd, Batman: Arkham Asylum will offer up nVIDIA's PhysX physics creating an even more believable experience through combat, explosions and the general environment throughout.

In case you've missed it, Batman: Arkham Asylum has become one of AusGamers all-time favourite games with our review score coming in at 9.5.

Click here for the PC trailer.

Batmanbatman: arkham asylumPCnvidiaphysx

Latest Comments
Posted 11:29am 02/9/09
Kinda sux that it only works if you are using an nvidia vid card though. Why disable the whole thing for ATI instead of just leaving it on the cpu instead of moving it to gpu?
Posted 11:31am 02/9/09
I knew there was a reason I never bought an ATI
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:32am 02/9/09
fixed anyway
Posted 11:43am 02/9/09
Hooray! My 9800GTX will have a ball.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 11:48am 02/9/09
Why is there such a huge gap between PC and console release...that's just daft.
Posted 12:02pm 02/9/09
I'm not entirely sure what the PhysX actually adds, cos all that stuff in the trailer happens in the console version anyway?
Posted 12:36pm 02/9/09
I don't remember being able to smash individual tiles or seeing the papers flying up during combat. Pretty sure that's only with PhysX.
Kinda sux that it only works if you are using an nvidia vid card though. Why disable the whole thing for ATI instead of just leaving it on the cpu instead of moving it to gpu?

You don't need an nVidia card, you can still do it with your CPU. In fact, it ran far better when I set PhysX to my CPU rather than my GPU on the demo.
Posted 12:45pm 02/9/09
I could do it on my card, didn't even notice it until I went back and played it, doubt we'll get it on the ps3\360 though :(
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:57pm 02/9/09
I finished the 360 version on the hardest setting last week and 100%ed the entire thing (Challenges included), missing only one stupid Achievement - the only Achievement you can't redo again if you miss it :(
Posted 01:08pm 02/9/09
Midda I'm guessing you have an nvidia card though? I'm pretty sure I've read that the demo doesnt let you use physx if you're running an ati card.
Posted 01:10pm 02/9/09
what achievement is that?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:47pm 02/9/09
Party Pooper - and it's the one I assume means you need to take on all the henchman lined up for you towards the end of the game, but I just ignored them
Posted 01:55pm 02/9/09
just a heads up, eb have called stating street date for console release has been broken and you can pick up orders today.
Posted 02:30pm 02/9/09
just rang JB, they're selling as well
Posted 06:57pm 02/9/09
Yeah, I got my copy today. Played it for about 4 hours, it's AWESOME.
Posted 10:16pm 02/9/09
I'd like to correct my previous statements. Physx is able to be used with just an ati card in the machine. However, using my 4870x2, the game slows down using "normal" whenever there's paper on the floor, and its unplayable on "high" :(
Posted 10:29pm 02/9/09
This is the reason my next card will be nvidia. Seriously check out the Mirrors edge physx stuff on youtube, it's amazing.
Posted 02:17am 03/9/09
oh yeah, this game is gonna be SWEET!
Posted 07:41am 03/9/09
whats the pc release date?
Posted 09:41am 03/9/09
24th of September I believe.
Posted 11:12am 03/9/09
Any suggestions on which version to buy - Xbox360 or PS3? I don't believe there's any difference graphically so I was more interested in DLC available. Is the Joker expansion DLC really exclusive to the PS3? I've pretty much decided against the Collector's Edition as the batarang is made of cheap plastic; the log book is gimmicky and apparently not bound in leather in the UK version! The only feature I'm interested in is the behind-the-scenes DVD, which I'm not even sure is worth it either.
Posted 11:46am 03/9/09
I got the PS3 version for the Joker stuff. Other than that, there's not really a difference, as far as I'm aware.
Posted 01:04pm 03/9/09
yeah i got the ps3 for the joker challenge map, had abit of a go with it last night, not to bad playing as him killing off dudes.

all in all the CE is pretty piss weak, i wouldnt of cared if the batarang was plastic if it wasnt so poorly made... you can see the lines around the edge where they have placed the 2 pieces of plastic together to make it, the scratches on it which i assume are to make it look worn.. just make it look like ass given the paint job it doesnt have any wear and tear.

the "leather bound" book is not leather bound, though it does have some slightly cool bio's in it... all of which can be found in game. yet to look at the bonus disc but i assume its just making of video and some other lame stuff...

the disc case itself is just a cardboard case with no markings on it to identify its the batman game.. id much rather the standard plastic case.

anyone know what the 7 day return policy is for CE with eb... can i box it all up and send it back even if ive used the unlock codes provided in it... essentially want to return it and buy the normal version.
Posted 05:40pm 03/9/09
Sorry to hear that groganus. The same sentiment is being felt by many owners of the CE version - apparently there are dozens of threads on Eidos' forums complaining about the lackluster content.

With the advice I decided to buy the standard PS3 version. I haven't played it yet (I'm in dialysis at the moment) but the reverse of the cover sleeve mentions, to my surprise, the game comes with a number of extra content. These include a Batcave Outpost apartment for Playstation Home, five "Blu-Ray quality" trailers and five exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. The videos are titled The Concept of Batman, The Look of Arkham Asylum, Behind the Cinematics, Working Across Continents and Sounds of the Asylum. Are these the same on the Xbox360 version? Are these videos similar to the behind-the-scenes DVD available in the Collector's Edition?

Can't wait to play it after dialysis! I just have to delete a few things on my PS3 to make room for the install :-(
Posted 07:22pm 03/9/09
Yeah, I was pretty disappointed in the Collector's Edition too. It was my birthday present from my girlfriend, so she was pretty let-down by it too. The game is still awesome though.
Posted 07:33pm 03/9/09
I knew there was a reason I never bought an ATI

the other reason for not getting an ATI is the fail dvi-output for monitors. my 4870 refuses to use dvi and only connects analog to my samsung 22" :(:(
Posted 07:51pm 03/9/09
Are you sure its not your Samsung? I find it hard to believe anyone could fail at dvi.
Posted 10:40pm 03/9/09
Yeah, I've got a 4870x2 and Dvi works perfect for me

Glad I didn't end up getting the collector's edition, though I thought I remembered hearing, back when it announced, that the batarang was going to be an actual mounted metal one? Am I just imagining that? Or did they say that, then cheap out?
Posted 06:35pm 06/9/09
missing only one stupid Achievement - the only Achievement you can't redo again if you miss it :(

what achievement did you miss?

I finished it today got all the riddles, I had to look online to find the location of 1 set of teeth and one of the location riddles (the one hidden in that stupid vent in the botanical gardens) just playing the predator challenge maps now, haven't tried the combat ones yet.
Posted 06:56pm 06/9/09
Party Pooper - and it's the one I assume means you need to take on all the henchman lined up for you towards the end of the game, but I just ignored them

I don't think I left a single thug standing through the whole game, I love the combat too much.

Just finished it tonight. Still need to get some more of the riddles, I'm at about 80%
Posted 07:07pm 06/9/09
Sell me it once you finish it at 100% and i'll pay ya 50% of what you bought it.

Basically you're getting more for less.
Posted 07:18pm 06/9/09
why don't you just hire the PC ver at a video shop for a few days?
Posted 07:21pm 06/9/09
Yeah that too, but i prefer to game on a console, bigger clearer screen, surround sound, comfy couch, you know.
Posted 07:29pm 06/9/09
Hell no, I'm not getting rid of Batman, I'll be playing it through again on hard for sure. That, and there's a section in the menu for DLC, so I'm sure there'll be more to play in the near future.
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