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Post by Dan @ 08:00am 02/09/09 | 9 Comments
More than four years since the game first hit the shelves, and a good six months since they started beta testing it, the v1.5 update for Battlefield 2 has now officially launched.
As part of Update 1.50 we are glad to announce that not only is Highway Tampa now a required install included in the update but Euro Forces (Great Wall, Taraba Quarry and Operation Smoke Screen) and Armored Fury (Midnight Sun, Operation Harvest and Operation Road Rage) is now FREE for all Battlefield 2 players. Including the brand new map, Operation Blue Pearl this brings EIGHT new maps that everyone can play and will be added to ranked Battlefield 2 servers world wide. The Booster Pack content is included in the update and has made the file just over 2Gb in size.
You can nab it right here from AusGamers files.

Despite its size, this is still an incremental patch and does require that you're already patched to v1.4.

battlefield 2patch

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Posted 09:20am 02/9/09
Damnit, i want to play this but i loaned my disc to someone and never got it back :(. I guess it would only be like $10 in the shops now though.

I think it's pretty cool that they still patch this game, even though it's taken a long time for this patch to come out. Usually devs stop giving a s*** after a year or two.
Posted 10:10am 02/9/09
Might give this a crack for old times sake. Kamikaze jeep comin atcha foo
Posted 10:27am 02/9/09
Think I might fire it up this weekend... Now where is that disk???
Posted 01:02pm 02/9/09
Has possibilities I spose. Interesting to see how it runs under Vista64 & widescreen.
Downloading now
Posted 07:08pm 02/9/09
Been playing today and I had forgotten how much fun can be had and on the flipside, how much I hate retards on pubs.
Nice to play in proper widescreen. Heard a lot of people b****ing about the choppers and how they fly. My only complaint is how much I hate being pwned by the TV cam chopper.

Have had a couple of crashes to desktop however can't rule out that I haven't restarted system since reinstalling.
Posted 07:48am 03/9/09
I can't wait until I get off from work. I've been waiting for the patch for a few days now. I started it at 5AM this morning USA Central time. I get home from work at 6:30 PM...then I need to install BF2. Hopefully it was worth the wait.

Update after I install.
Posted 10:03am 03/9/09
ok, so i've BF2 and the expansion pack from a mate.. when trying to install it.. i can install BF2 ok but when try installing the expansion the patch always freezes... what do i do? do install the expansion or should i just install BF2 and then this new patch?
Posted 04:24pm 03/9/09
Install BF2
Patch to 1.41
Then apply this latest patch

Despite its size, this is still an incremental patch and does require that you're already patched to v1.4.

Dan did mention this in the opening patch that is if that's what's giving you grief.

Otherwise, try deleting all temp folder content and try again.
Posted 12:08am 04/9/09
Don't know if this will help anyone however my random crashes to desktop in BF2 seem to have dissapeared since a new Windows Update came out
Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB972036)

Install this update to resolve issues with non-compatible applications for Windows Vista. For complete details of this update, see Knowledge Base Article KB972036. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

More information:

Help and Support:

Mileage may vary.
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