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Post by Dan @ 11:50am 27/08/09 | 10 Comments
EA have released a new trailer for the upcoming Need for Speed SHIFT, showcasing the iconic Road America track - a circuit sure to be familiar to most racing game veterans.
This week we look at Road America. The Wisconsin-based track is one of the oldest in the US and one of the most exciting in the game. Opened in 1955, the track has had a solid history within the racing world featuring on the NASCAR, Indy Cart and is currently hosting the American Le Mans Series.
Check this one out right here on AusGamers.

Need For Speed: SHIFT is due September 24th 2009 on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

need for speedshifttrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 01:16pm 27/8/09
liking what im seeing.
Posted 02:09pm 27/8/09
Can't wait :)

/looks longingly at the G25 c***pit setup over in the corner of lounge room.
Posted 03:03pm 27/8/09
what else do you play on that at the moment hermi >? i've just started getting into car sims and am playing GTR2 and GRID.. but shift looks damn cool.
Posted 05:11pm 27/8/09
Dirt (was fun though calibrating the steering aspect was a b****),
NFS: Carbon,
Grid (Grid was fav so far)
Race - WTCC

Haven't played the last two much to be honest haven't had the time up until now :P

Best fun I've had with a steering wheel was the other weekend out at QLD Raceway when I did 8 laps in a XR8 Supercar :P

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Posted 05:19pm 27/8/09
nfs undercover was suprisingly fun, i really got into teh totally cheesey story
Posted 05:22pm 27/8/09
Undercover was balls on the steering wheel and the pastel blue on an orange background mini map made my eyes bleed. It was uninstalled quickly thereafter.

Just realised I haven't tried GTR Evolution out and there is a demo for it on Steam :)
Posted 05:46pm 27/8/09
GRID > * imo, although this vid looks very interesting... but I'll hold judgement till the demo, because it's all about the feel of the game.

Of all the NFS games, Most Wanted was my favourite although I haven't played Undercover.
Posted 06:43pm 27/8/09
Best fun I've had with a steering wheel was the other weekend out at QLD Raceway when I did 8 laps in a XR8 Supercar :P

Amen! I get out there every ~6 weeks for a day in my beast. Nothing I have ever done can give the same adrenaline rush. 8 laps would be a bit of a c*** tease though - finished just as you start to get the hang of it. Takes the first session to get some heat into the tyres !
Posted 07:05pm 27/8/09
grid is a turd when it comes to realism

GTR2 is excellent for realism but the cars and tyres are just so excellent it hinders learning

live for speed, iracing and rfactor rock.

LFS hotlap to beat:
formula BMW on blackwood GP, 1:14.71

iracing hotlap to beat:
rookie solstice on limerock no-chicane 1:03.970

last edited by scooby at 19:05:56 27/Aug/09
Posted 02:11am 28/8/09
Takes the first session to get some heat into the tyres !

Fortunately, I got the car on it's second session :)

Was so tempted to drop another $300 for another 8 laps (specially since a couple of mates got me the original laps for my birthday).
I was all "awwww" to find out later that if I had, they throw in an extra 2 laps (18 laps in total). There is a compulsory 30 minute wait tho cause most peeps aren't used to driving at that speed an throwing s*** round/into corners for fear of "exhaustion". Felt like I'd just pulled up from a drive to work (which means I should probably slow down for corners).

Much greater HUGE leap of respect for pro drivers tailgating other cars at high speed after that within cm's of each other.
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