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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:25pm 26/08/09 | 9 Comments
THQ have announced an all-new multiplayer map pack for Red Faction: Guerrilla that will expand the game's multiplayer portion, and then some.
Following last week's successful launch of the Red Faction: Guerrilla Demons of the Badland DLC pack, THQ Inc. today announced details for a second downloadable content pack that will deliver destructive new multiplayer modes and maps. The Multiplayer Pack will feature two new modes, Bagman and Team Bagman, along with eight new maps, playable across all multiplayer modes. The Red Faction Guerrilla Multiplayer Pack will be available on September 17th on Xbox LIVE for 560 Microsoft points and PlayStation Network for AU$8.40.
We have a host of screens for the new DLC you can check out right here.

red faction: guerrilladlc

Latest Comments
Posted 07:46pm 26/8/09
How about announcing a f***** release date for PC, im sick of this console bulls*** screwing over all the new games and making the PC a console port failure.
Posted 08:25pm 26/8/09
amen brutha, amen
Posted 06:34pm 27/8/09
Consoles have been the de-evolution of gaming.

I can't wait for the end of the console scourge, developers will make games for the PC and not have to gut them conceptually to play on a $500 dvd playing toy.
Posted 11:20pm 07/12/09
making the PC a console port failure

F*** yes, and THQ are sinners in this regard!

I got the THQ pack recently off Steam, and was excited about giving Saint's Row 2 a burl after seeing some great reviews. Turns out that the great reviews were for the x360, where its apparently a very good game.

The PC version is hideously control-crippled due to a very lazy port, wasn't worth the download - and I even got it off cap!
Posted 11:21pm 07/12/09
You guys do realise Red Faction started on the PS2, right?
Posted 11:33pm 07/12/09
you do realise people pirate the f*** out of pc games but they buy them on consoles right?
Posted 11:37pm 07/12/09
you do realise people pirate the f*** out of pc games but they buy them on consoles right?

lul wot? Every time I've been to a swap meet there seems to be a massive amount of console piracy going on. I think the only console that doesn't suffer from this is the PS3.
Posted 12:39am 08/12/09
you do realise people pirate the f*** out of pc games but they buy them on consoles right?

#1 - so what? Is this an excuse to charge $ for very bad PC ports of otherwise good console games?
#2 - see above. Wii and x360 piracy is f*****g rampant. You don't even need to chip a Wii or burn games to disk to load pirate ISOs anymore!

If anything PC piracy is decreasing as DRM via outlets like Steam finally gets backing from consumers. Big surprise that Steam is the least invasive and rape-your-face DRM that is out there. Hell even GoG is making a killing with NO DRM at all!

They understand that we don't mind paying a reasonable price for games, but refuse to be told that we can't install our games on multiple computers or take a bunch of malware up the arse in exchange for being a good consumer and paying $.

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Posted 12:42am 08/12/09
Does anyone else have problems with this game raping their CPU on pc?
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