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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:12pm 21/08/09 | 9 Comments
The Crysis team have had a strong presence at this year's GamesCom as Trog pointed out from day one, and today we have 2 teaser trailers for their forthcoming Crysis 2 which doesn't really show off anything, but may work to salivate fans of the team and their first game.

In saying that though, this is just a teaser, so you can take away from it whatever you like - the point is the game's coming and will no doubt look spectacular and destroy rigs everywhere in some homage to the projected destructive force of the Y2K bug.

Check the teasers out here and here.

crysis 2teasertrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 02:27pm 21/8/09
I want my 11.7mb back
Also, projected, not prjected :P

And your not suckering me into wasting another 13mb

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Posted 03:54pm 21/8/09
Yeh that was pretty bad. All I got was a f***ed up violin playing with some s*** blueprints of the suit. FAIL teaser !!!
Posted 04:26pm 21/8/09
^ I must agree the worst teaser EVA !!!!
Posted 04:27pm 21/8/09
The streaming vids are only about 5 MB a piece. But yeah, still pretty much a waste of Internet. Hurry up and give us some footage Crytek!
Posted 04:53pm 21/8/09
Dont bother watching these. You wont see anything new.
Posted 05:31pm 21/8/09
I was going to ask if the streaming videos the same size as the downloaded videos. Should put a link up about the size of streamed video.

I have no idea how showing off a suit can even be considered a teaser. It seemed like they spent a lot of time on those videos when a few pictures could have done the same job. Btw whats with the nanosuit and why release 2 videos about it?
Posted 08:44am 22/8/09
You actually have the wrong trailer. It is suppose to have a voice over, which makes it slightly more interesting. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/54671.html

The point of the teaser is to point out Crysis 2 will include the new Nano Suit. If you actually paid attention to the first game you'll already know that the suit was a prototype, and unstable, hence you had less energy, and apparently the cloak was meant to be infinite. So i presume they want people to know that in the sequel the suit will be different. Besides that, the suit looks different, hands and spine are different, as well as the headgear.
Posted 05:05pm 22/8/09
^ still yawn and I still want my bandwidth back
Posted 05:16pm 04/9/09
since found out it was apart of a MOCK installation of the nano suit at the conference, they had a fake suit on display, this wasn't meant to be seen by the public. Hence, lost all it's relevance.
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