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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:22pm 20/08/09 | 17 Comments
One of the most annoying factors of being a games journalist is you often see gameplay demos or videos we can't share with the punters, as was the case with E3 this year and Alan Wake. The gameplay demo we sat through was controlled and presented in awesome fashion by the passionate team at Remedy, and even in words it's difficult to describe the game, which was shown to us behind closed doors.

Today, however, that exact same demo has been captured in developer diary form (though shortened), which we're more than happy to point you in the direction of. This is an incredible looking game, and just another to add to the 2009 'must-haves' (that list is ever-growing).

Check out the diary right here on AusGamers.

gamescom 2009alan waketrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 12:42pm 20/8/09
f*****g awesome. deffo purchasing.
Posted 12:43pm 20/8/09
this is gonna rock.
Posted 12:56pm 20/8/09
still pissed off that this isnt coming to pc
Posted 01:28pm 20/8/09
Alan Wake is Silent Hill?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:55pm 20/8/09
skythra - not even close
Posted 02:46pm 20/8/09
This looks fantastic, I thought it had been lost in development hell and we weren't ever going to see it, but it looks like its going to be worth the wait.
Posted 03:30pm 20/8/09
skythra - not even close

Is there more you're allowed to reveal then? It seems like its a psycho surviver thriller?

Edit: Wanted to remove the word "just" between "its" and "a". Didn't want to give the impression that I'm not expecting it to be good, or its a rip off or something. I just got the impression that it had the suspense and thrill that silent hill seemed to have had with a very different story.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:30pm 20/8/09
It's more of a mystery than a survival-horror, and has a far more in-depth and tangible story. There are, of course, elements of horror ala Resident Evil, Silent Hill etc, but there's a stronger focus on finding out exactly what's going on as opposed to just surviving... it also has a completely different type of presentation, being served up in episodic form as if it were a weekly television series (though I have no idea why they've gone that route)...

As soon as we know more though, you'll be the first to know
Posted 07:48pm 20/8/09
it also has a completely different type of presentation, being served up in episodic form as if it were a weekly television series

i think they said at e3 that its like chapters from a book.

edit: nevermind just watched the vid

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Posted 08:34pm 20/8/09
Not on PC? wtf.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:02pm 20/8/09
also, we were at E3 when they told us :P
Posted 10:10pm 20/8/09
Not on PC? wtf.

there was a pc version but microsoft decided to make it 360 only.
Posted 10:15pm 20/8/09
that looks great.

lucky for me, i have a pc, 360 and wii. sucks to be the rest of you.
Posted 10:23pm 20/8/09
^ pfft you don't even have a ps3
Posted 10:36pm 20/8/09
i dont have a ps3 or an xbox

Posted 10:46pm 20/8/09
Can you guys start embedding videos in your posts?
Posted 10:51pm 20/8/09
Wow gay 360 only. It looked awesome but the thought of using an analogue thing for aiming makes it look s***.
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