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Post by trog @ 05:09am 20/08/09 | 9 Comments
id Software and EA have released four new screenshots from the upcoming Rage (which we're getting a first look at tomorrow in the EA booth - so hang out for that one), two showing off some more of the amazingly huge outdoors environments and a couple of indoor ones. Check them out in our Rage screenshots section.

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Posted 08:46am 20/8/09
Posted 10:36am 20/8/09
Whenever I think of Rage I think "this is going to fail hard." The driving combat just looks so stiff and monotonous.

But for some reason, deep down inside, I get a funny feeling about it. A feeling that perhaps they might just pull it off.
Posted 10:53am 20/8/09
They obviously got some inspiration from mad max, they need some interceptors though.

"Better send a meatwagon, Charlie's copped a saucepan in the throat."
Posted 10:56am 20/8/09
The vehicles and environment remind me a lot of the first Motorstorm game.... now with guns.
Posted 02:33pm 20/8/09
After seeing some of the dev videos and interviews I'm not really looking forward to this game.... I have a feeling it will be a failure. Especially the vehicular combat.

Posted 03:33pm 20/8/09
I set my background to that guy overlooking the canyon with the road below and was surprised about the weird detail in the guys tattoo in his arm. If you look closely the tattoo makes his arm look dimply or scaly like a lizard? Whats going on there? Just a weird bumpmap or are they portraying a different humanoid race?
Posted 07:04pm 20/8/09
haha, does certainly seem to have been influenced somewhat by mad max
Posted 12:48am 21/8/09
Looks like High Res PC screen shots, wonder what the consoles will look like....
Posted 03:06am 21/8/09
That's not scarring, that's GRAVEL RASH.
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