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Post by Dan @ 02:25pm 18/08/09 | 8 Comments
The latest title from Chair Entertainment and Epic Games launched today, the side-scrolling Unreal Engine 3 powered shooter Shadow Complex is now available, currently exclusive to the Xbox 360.
In Shadow Complex, gameplay is centered on exploration and fast-paced combat as you gather game-altering power-ups and an arsenal of futuristic weapons to overcome obstacles, thwart legions of enemies, and delve into a mysterious open game world. The original single-player adventure is set in a compelling universe based upon the best-selling novel, Empire, by Orson Scott Card.
Shadow Complex can be had for 1200 Microsoft points (about AUD$20) from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Check out the launch trailer right here on AusGamers.

shadow complextrailer

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Posted 02:41pm 18/8/09
It's not out for like 20 hours
Posted 07:45pm 18/8/09
More than that, the games usually don't go up until 7-8PM AEST on Wednesday.

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Posted 03:11pm 18/8/09
I'm confused.. if games are made using engines like Unreal Engine 3 which are made for multiple platforms, shouldn't it be relatively simple to make them for more than just one platform? Surely transferring the content to each platform wouldn't be that hard if the engine is already made would it?

Are there advantages for making games for only one platform? Are things like setting up the store/installers and achievements really that labour intensive? Or do these game companies get kick-backs or something from the platform owners?
Posted 03:23pm 18/8/09
Posted 08:44pm 18/8/09
look s like rubbish, maybe fun but comon how is that got such great reviews ??? ( dont say cause it's good ) I believe it is because the reviewers for this game were the cleaners for the sofware dev companies that have never played a game. Meh i dont care this is not PC and if they use the UT engine lol they have really under used it something extremely :D ohh well good luck though i guess some platform games from the 80's can be redone to look well :P :P
Posted 09:35pm 18/8/09

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Tim Tibbetts
Posted 06:32am 19/8/09
Wow, who the f*** are you guys.

I find it really amusing that you have such strong opinions of a game you haven't even played. The demo/game will be out in a few hours, why not play it before you come up with some absurd opinions. Giant Bomb was giving it a pretty good wrap last week, and those guys are usually pretty spot on. Regardless it will have a demo so WTF.
Posted 11:21am 19/8/09
Reminder that the game won't be out for over 24 hours after the time this article was posted.

Shutup forum no-name "Tim Tibbetts". Can't you tell this game look s like rubbish?
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