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Post by trog @ 05:54am 18/08/09 | 8 Comments
The first keynote of GDC Europe 2009 was a presentation by Crytek president Cevat Yerli. Titled 'The Future of Graphics', Yerli looked at the history of Crytek's involvement in taking video game graphics to the level it is today, as well as looking at how their next-generation CryENGINE 3 software is going to shake up the scene.

The big revelation though is his prediction that game graphics have plateaued for a while as graphical software development has almost stretched as far as it possibly can - locked down by the current generation of console hardware which he estimates won't be refreshed until 2012. Read our full coverage of Yerli's presentation for more.

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Posted 01:57pm 18/8/09
Nice coverage. I think there's still a bit of room for games to wow us with graphics, but it will be in smaller increments as they squeeze what's left out of the consoles. id's tech 5 engine looks to have more of the goods.

I think the biggest thing to take away from this as a PC gamer is a massive sigh of relief that you won't have to significantly upgrade your rig in order to keep up with games for at least the next couple of years.
Posted 02:49pm 18/8/09
This is both good and bad news for PC gamers.

As Dan above has said, we PC gamers will not need to upgrade our hardware as often as we have say in 2001 > 2007.

I think a bit of this is already present, I'm running an OLD 2.5 year 8800GTX and 8/10 of todays games still run maxed out.

This is because current games are really console games ported to PC (mostly). So they look "ok" and run ok on older GPU's and CPU's. What I've also noticed is more and more games using Dual and Quad core CPU's, another side effect of consoles which are multi-core.

The bad news is that hardware technology will slow down because of this. ATI, Nvidia, AMD & Intel have no real purpose of advancing their hardware at great speeds as people wont be buying hardware as often.

I would have upgraded my GPU a year ago if most games were starting to run slowly (apart from games which are badly ported / optimised). Currently I dont plan on upgrading until 2010... many $ lost to Nvidia etc.

Same with CPU, i7 is tempting but why would I really need it? My 3 year old Core2Duo at 3.5ghz is still fast enough for most games.

Lets not forget consoles run games at 720p... which is a much lower resolution than most PC gamers run (22" being most common these days).

If you lower your resolution to 720p and hookup your PC to your TV... you suddenly have great performance and better visuals than consoles.

I'm a bad upset, Id rather have to upgrade and enjoy new hardware and better graphics...

Posted 03:05pm 18/8/09
What. Isn't the engine Crytek is developing the one with f*****g GI that runs on current consoles? GI, which will almost certainly mean for a comparable leap in graphics as was last gen > this, all with minimal added development time? Probably the biggest sub-generational leap in graphics ever made? No, graphics haven't really "plateaued".

The jump from early-gen (halo 3, gears 1) to, say, even Rage or Brink is also much, much more significant than the progress ever made with previous generations; even the amazing stuff we saw in the final PS2 blockbusters like God of War 2 or FFXII - all due to part expectation, part experience, part technology.

I can say pretty confidently that graphics haven't plateaued. Keynotes are usually just overinflated egos blowing steam and this is no exception.
Posted 03:45pm 18/8/09
I think the subtle point of this keynote was something like this:

Crytek's CryENGINE 3 has the best graphics you're going to get until the next generation of hardware. Noone is better than us at graphics, therefore, if you are in the market for an engine, you should buy ours.
Posted 03:50pm 18/8/09
They'd be right, from what I've seen.
Posted 07:48pm 18/8/09
Personally I think it would be awesome if graphics plateaued, so they could focus on making a decent f*****g game instead of a movie you can move characters around in. Until then, I'll be sticking with flash games and thinking about all the awesome storylines games USED to have, before they became interactive movies.
Posted 08:50pm 18/8/09
nah nah why cant they focus on both wow i remember back in the day vietcong was unreal to look at and unreal to play and lets go back a bit further and think donkey kong country on snes :D that in it's time looked beyond snes's cappabilities (well it did to me ) but i play some more recent games and i see ya point that graphics are on the down hill. I mean was crysis 2 much better than crysis 1 ? or far cry 2 much better then far cry 1 ?? i think not really and same along lines of call of duty world at war and modern warfare there was a drop there in new release VS old on but game play is still there but but read on...

Perhaps this is where we are heading if we want a higher lever..
first of all before i get into this there was Edimentional for PC's I tried and tested it was really amazing and now the infamouse nVidia wohooo wohoo always satisfieng company :D is selling this :D

read and enjoy what is at your finger tips now with a lil cash.


Ohh and PS i am not sure but i check aus gamers often if you havn't done a discussion on this then you really NEED TO ! :D
Posted 09:03pm 18/8/09
You're not Dan!
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