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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:46am 10/08/09 | 2 Comments
For anyone not in the know, Double Fine's forthcoming rock/metal/fantasy third-person adventure starring Jack Black, Brutal Legend, has been the product of an ongoing lawsuit filed by Activision who were seeking an injunction on the game's release with new publishing partner EA after Activision dropped the game from their release schedule after the Vivendi, Blizzard, Activision merger.

Obviously this was pretty much sour grapes, and thankfully the judge in the case saw that too, contacting Activision's lawyers recently to let them know, ahead of his decision, he was leaning in Double Fine's direction, which saw them quickly reaching a settlement sating both parties, according to a report on the Associated Press.

No specifics on what said settlement involved have been revealed, but at least the game will hit this October as planned and in full-force.

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Honestly it should have just been thrown out, Activision passed.

JamesBlunt, have you been living in a hol.....heheh, my bad.

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