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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:24am 10/08/09 | 17 Comments
Just ahead of the game's first public unveiling at this year's QuakeCon, id have let loose some new screens for their post-apocalyptic shooter, Rage, showing off the game's richly detailed landscapes and their impressive God Rays lighting engine. Click here to browse the new screens.


Latest Comments
Posted 11:35am 10/8/09
Say what you will about plastic looking models, but those landscapes completely s*** on anything I've seen in any other game engine.
Posted 11:39am 10/8/09
I'll say it looks great except for the water, which looks like a thick fog. Go easy on the soft edges guys.
Posted 11:41am 10/8/09
Yeah, the environments are absolutely stunning. All OpenGL too.
Posted 12:11pm 10/8/09
Yeah the megatexture is so awesome. I want a Valve game with this tech in it. They have the best character modelling and animation at this stage, HL3/4 with this engine pls.
Posted 12:20pm 10/8/09
Those landscapes do look good.
Posted 01:10pm 10/8/09
They recently did a presentation and I think the slides are available on the net somewhere, describing the various challenges with their new engine. It was a really interesting read, and its great to see that someone can still push the envelope with graphics engines.
Posted 02:12pm 10/8/09
that skybox has got it goin on
Posted 02:19pm 10/8/09
it raped my machine just looking at the images
Posted 02:30pm 10/8/09
Its being designed to run on xbox 360 and ps3 hardware, so you probably won't need an uber machine to run it.
Posted 02:47pm 10/8/09
Fark not till 2010. Looks good though. Looking forward to hopefully some gameplay vids from quakecon.

Need some good games to make a pc upgrade worth it.
Posted 02:54pm 10/8/09
Its being designed to run on xbox 360 and ps3 hardware, so you probably won't need an uber machine to run it.

There will probably be a bunch of PC specific bells and whistles you can turn on though with good enough hardware, might even make it worth an upgrade.
Posted 03:00pm 10/8/09
Best played on a console as said by id.... looks nice but I'm not holding my breath as its clearly a game aimed at consoles now.
Posted 03:02pm 10/8/09
Best played on a console as said by id.
They have never said anything of the sort.
Posted 03:15pm 10/8/09
they said it runs better on 360 compared to ps3.

Posted 03:52pm 10/8/09
those textures and level geometry = win
Posted 06:55pm 10/8/09
"The largest chunk of our market's going to be on consoles," says John Carmack, confirming that this is going to be made with the PC version as a secondary consideration. "I mean, yes, you can use the mouse for it but it's critical that the controller be the way that we design the game."
Posted 06:57pm 10/8/09
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