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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:12am 04/08/09 | 15 Comments
As was announced at this year's E3, Nintendo have partnered with social networking giant, Facebook, to allow direct access from the Nintendo DSi to Facebook for easy uploading of DSi-edited photos and more.
The Facebook integration with the Nintendo DSi Camera is one feature of a new system update for the Nintendo DSi, which also includes other improvements to the technical features of the console. This update is accessed by performing a system update in the System Settings of the Nintendo DSi, which will automatically upgrade the consoleís firmware to version 1.4.
Looks like you can't escape the MySpace killer with Facebook Xbox Live integration not far off, either.

facebooknintendo dsi

Latest Comments
Posted 11:45am 04/8/09
Myspace has been dead for ages. Except for band profiles.
Posted 12:20pm 04/8/09
In fact, I think I might delete my Myspace. Right now.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:25pm 04/8/09
I've been toiling with doing the same thing 3
Posted 12:40pm 04/8/09
Just an FYI as well for those of you wanting to make the leap to 1.4 for this awesome facebook integration, it currently blocks all flashcards. :(
Posted 01:20pm 04/8/09
Someone I know who works as a high school teacher claims that Myspace is still big with the students at his school? I dunno if that's true in general though
Le C***
Posted 01:24pm 04/8/09
Myspace is popular with ethnics and teenagers whereas Facebook is more popular with slightly older (20+) and white people. That's not my opinion, it's pulled from some articles I read.
Posted 02:51pm 04/8/09
Myspace induces epilepsy.
Posted 03:23pm 04/8/09
Myspace has a greater focus on individual expression with the profiles.

This Facebook application integration is a great idea though. Makes excelent use of the oterwise limited multimedia capabilties of the DSi.
Posted 03:58pm 04/8/09
Facebook connects you with everyone whereas Myspace is all about how slow you can make everyone's computer go with your profile page.

Meanwhile Twitter is a great way to have simple chats with everyone during the day.
Posted 04:02pm 04/8/09
twitter is a peice of s***
Posted 04:03pm 04/8/09
Myspace is for people <= 16 y.o.
Posted 04:03pm 04/8/09
Good way to keep up with fellow bands and people liek that. I now use it all the time.
Posted 06:16pm 04/8/09
I have to use twitter for my course on News and Politics and it's actually proving fairly useful. Great way to get news as it breaks.
Posted 06:44pm 04/8/09
In fact, I think I might delete my Myspace. Right now.

I would do that, but I couldn't be bothered signing in :P
Posted 07:07pm 04/8/09
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