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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:31am 24/07/09 | 22 Comments
2k Australia have given us a heads up Borderlands will be releasing in the US this October 20, with an Australia and New Zealand release just some three days later, for October 23rd.

The unique shooter from Gearbox (Brothers in Arms), has been dubbed a RPS (Role Playing Shooter) because of its unique RPG elements mixed alongside traditional FPS gameplay.

For more media and info on the game, just head on into our Borderlands game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:24am 24/7/09
So.... it's Fallout 3?
Posted 11:29am 24/7/09
You say that like its a bad thing?

Really though, I think they're pushing the action side of it more than Fallout 3 did, like how Diablo is an RPG, but is more about action and hacking and slashing and collecting random phat lewts, this is an FPS/RPG that is more about shooting and action and collecting random phat lewts.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 10:11pm 18/10/09
Other than the setting, this game is totally different to Fallout 3.
Posted 10:14pm 18/10/09
nice bump.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 10:41pm 18/10/09
That was actually on the front page, 3rd post, no idea why I saw that....
Posted 10:42pm 18/10/09
Yeah, random threads do that sometimes. I think trog likes to f*** with us.
Posted 03:02pm 19/10/09
My son and his friends are beside themselves about this game. They think it's the bee knees, the mosquitoes nipples and sliced bread all rolled into one.

It looks pretty nifty, and the co-op looks like it could be fun.
Posted 03:36pm 19/10/09
You should get it, so that I can partake of some crusty old mantra co-op
Posted 04:06pm 19/10/09
Took a gamble and pre-ordered this.
$33.75 is a pretty good price for a new release.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 04:21pm 19/10/09
Yep, I have mine preordered too. So cheap from Steam atm, especially if you get the 4 person dealio thing.
Posted 04:26pm 19/10/09
anyone bought the 4 person deal... will swap them a left 4 dead 2 one for this??
re so
Posted 05:05pm 19/10/09
This appears to have been pushed back to til the 27th for Aussies. Not sure when it's actually out in the USA.
Posted 05:10pm 19/10/09
Yeah, its just the PC version that was pushed back, and I think its pushed back everywhere
re so
Posted 05:23pm 19/10/09
Ah the old piracy delay. Sweet.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 06:04pm 19/10/09
There are reports of various stores in the US already selling it, so I wonder if that means Steam will skip ahead and activate.
Posted 12:34pm 21/10/09
Mini review.
the game is a cross between Diablo and fallout 3
the fallout 3 references being post apocalyptic and open world
the Diablo reference being the loot and RPG system (also note that each time you restart the game you end up in the starting area with all loot and mobs respawned.. much like Diablo)
I could break it down further but once you play it you will see where Im getting at
Im not sure if there is a dice roll every time you shoot a guy... i find that the more accurate I am the more damage iI do (rifles with sniper scopes FTW) so if there is a dice roll it sure doesnt feel like it..
500+ guns sure does feel about right... loot loot loot... the game is all about the loot
Driving is fun though at times annoying, cant say I enjoy the controls for it, but it serves its purpose as far as getting you from a) to b)
the ability to drive into a small town and blast the s*** out of the bad guys using the guns on your car is a sure thrill.
The humour in the game is excellent and it is more to what I imagined the humour in fallout 3 to be (though I was disappointed with fallout 3's humour)
The quests dont seem overly repetitive and exploring is an absolute joy, I often find myself side tracked looking for loot with out even realising it...
Things I would have liked to see is the ability to slightly upgrade weapons and armour using a gem stone kind of system
more voice acting
a clearer storyline from the get go
Overall I rate the game an 8/10... Im a bit of an open world fan and an RPG fan... Im also a huge post apocalyptic fan so really the setting and genre of the game are just up my ally,
millions of weapons to keep you constantly exploring for loot
balanced game play and combat system
fantastic graphics that suite the tone of the game
cons -
lack of voice acting
unclear story early on in the game
sometime you run out of quests before you level resulting in you to go farm a little bit* though this con is reduced by the fact that you can jump in your car and drive around and run s*** over*a complete hoot of a thing to do* until you level up.
Posted 12:58pm 21/10/09
how did you get the game groganus?
Posted 12:59pm 21/10/09
street dates been broken on console versions, eb and jb-hifi are now selling it.
Posted 01:09pm 21/10/09
JB is $89, EB $99.

No PC release, no care (yet).
Posted 01:13pm 21/10/09
No PC release, no care (yet).

Single player is all fine on console, though i couldnt imagine playing co-op on the console, so this may warrant a pc and console purchase for me.
Posted 01:40pm 21/10/09
Sucks butt we have to wait longer for a PC version. I don't get it why we wait an extra 6 days but that's just me. Somehow I doubt the few tiny extras they are adding warrants the extra time.
Posted 03:49pm 21/10/09
The game would have gone gold already, unless they want people to patch it straight up.

Word is that there is no push-to-talk voice chat in the pc version. Open mic only.
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