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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:37am 22/07/09 | 5 Comments
After being quiet for the past two years and seeing their competitor reshape the way gamers think about skateboarding in the videogame world, Tony Hawk and Activision have emerged with a new Hawk title featuring a skateboard peripheral, literally putting players into the game.

We had a chat to the legendary skater about this evolutionary leap, and ask him about his expectations for the new venture, who the core audience is and where he'd like to see it go beyond this first leap.

Click here for the full video and here for the written transcript.

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Posted 12:10pm 22/7/09
Still can't help but feel I would just break it. Decent tattoo you got there Steve.
Posted 07:34pm 22/7/09
Aww got to talk to Tony Hawk!!
Posted 10:37am 25/7/09
Great interview guys!
Posted 05:12pm 25/7/09
looks pretty cool. how much is that s*** gonna cost though.

ps. you say 'umm' a lot.
Posted 07:07pm 25/7/09
I think you guys are forgetting that I am a writer and not an interviewer.

is what steve will be saying.
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