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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:07pm 21/07/09 | 4 Comments
For anyone looking to step up their Steam Games account, you could check out the Paradox Interactive manifest as this week Steam are offering 50% off the entire range.

Among the list of titles are the likes of Elven Legacy, Knights Honor, Hearts of Iron 2 and much more - all coming in at a very digestible price.

The offer ends July 26, so jump on Steam and get in fast if any Paradox games tickle your fancy.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:21pm 21/7/09
Knights of Honour is a pretty good game.
Posted 06:04pm 21/7/09
If I didn't already own the whole Hearts of Iron series...
Posted 07:42pm 21/7/09
Hearts of Iron any good?
Posted 08:30pm 21/7/09
Hearts of Iron any good?

No. Good is Telstra describes their broadband packages. Hearts of Iron is f*****g awesome.
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