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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:05am 16/07/09 | 13 Comments
Valve have updated Counter-Strike 1.6 with their usual Steam applied fixes. The update will apply next time you restart your Steam client and features the following:
    Half-Life Engine
  • Added -sys_ticrate command line option to allowed forced override of ticrate
  • Prevent more cases of server redirection
  • Counter-Strike/Condition Zero
  • Added -nobots option to allow forced override of bots on servers
So if you're still slogging it out in CS, restart your Steam client now to apply the update.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 16/7/09
whats with restarting steam to recieve updates for games? I thought games update without a client reset.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:35am 16/7/09
probs does for everyone, but some people might not get them, so they recommend a restart - just to be sure
Cat Scratch
Posted 08:15am 17/7/09
this might be a really silly question but -

are there still a lot of Aussie Servers running this game?

I take it that with all the updates they have put out (and continuing to put out) there must still be a large gaming base.
Posted 07:39pm 17/7/09
A quick search in Steam gave me over 850 servers.

(Assuming the "Location: Australia" filter works)
Posted 09:57pm 17/7/09
1.6, that brings back memories...
Posted 12:11am 18/7/09
For those interested, here are some servers that generally have a good number of people playing 20 hours a day. Gamearena CS #05 dust2 32 player server Internode Warcraft 3 FT mod 32 player server Internode #09 GunGame mod 18 player server

These days most decent players don't play pub cs anymore, with most just scrimming with their team or playing organised pug games. #ipgn-comp #ipgn-comp2 & #ipgn-comp3 on gamesurge runs a bot that organises and runs pretty decent pug wars 24 hrs a day (teams are evened out based on player stats, anti cheat stuff is mandatory).

So if for any reason people still want to play the old cs, try some of those out.
Posted 12:33am 18/7/09
I miss the old days with heaps of custom maps. These days all everyone ever plays are dust1/2 & office. ahhh cs_thunder & de_torn where for art thou? :(
Posted 08:22am 18/7/09
I always wished they would bring back the King of CS Maps, AS_Oilrig.

Posted 08:46am 18/7/09
oilrig was awesome. rushing as a T down to that vent at the start, leading to the CT's start zone rocked.
Posted 10:17am 18/7/09
Yeah you could always score some serious kills in Oilrig if you were fast / smart
Posted 10:41am 18/7/09
wish they had those es_ and as_ maps in cs:source. They probably do custom i guess.
Posted 10:57am 18/7/09
Yeah why do people only play office and dust, do those maps run better on more computers or something?
Posted 12:32am 21/8/09
could it be (and it could be the caps* talking)
office, cause they are playing it at work in an office and are relieving stress or its a good scene for a hostage situation.
dust, cause of its middle eastern feel. thus rendering it relevant for todays wargames....

just watched wargames the movie the other day for the 1st time in years.
joshua ftw!!!!

maybe people who were leet on 1.6 but werent jacks*** on 2 keep 1.6 alive.

friptets, hot ones, the good oil
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