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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:01pm 15/07/09 | 3 Comments
In an interview over at Gamesindustry.biz, global VP of marketing for Bethesda, Pete Hines, has ruled out id creating any new IP for their new parent company citing "with Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, and Rage, they already have more IP than they have teams to work on them". It was a point of concern among many die-hard idites Bethesda would task the venerable creator of the FPS genre with working on existing Bethesda IP.

"id has plenty of their own IP to keep themselves busy," Hines told Gamesindustry.biz. "It was their desire to build to three teams and bring the development of their IP in-house. So we'll help them build up to the three full teams a little faster, now that they have additional resources, and they'll work on Rage and Doom 4 and whatever else it is they'd like to do."

So there you have it - the acquisition means id has more support from a parent company to speed up their already slow development processes, and they're being left to their own devices. Good news methinks.

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Posted 05:20pm 15/7/09
The title is kind of misleading isnt it? They aren't barring id from creating new IP, they just wont be shovelling existing IP down ids neck...
Posted 06:29pm 15/7/09
I cant wait for more games from id that no one will play
Posted 04:52pm 16/7/09
Seef man...

Quake Live roxor as does ET:QW

Bit to advanced for ya? :P
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