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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:34pm 15/07/09 | 11 Comments
Since releasing on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network, EA and DICE's Battlefield 1943 has been one of the most popular online games among registered users. And not one to forget where the support lies, DICE have officially thanked the Xbox Live user who made the game's 43,000,000th kill, which subsequently unlocked the Coral Sea map and Air Superiority Mode.
While un-locking the Coral Sea map was definitely a communal effort, we here at EA DICE would like to give a shout out to Xbox live user James (jkasapi) from Peterborough, England.

It was James' virtual bullet that registered the 43,000,000th kill, un-locking the Coral Sea map and Air Superiority mode for all Xbox users. For his trouble, James wins a pair of official 1943 sunglasses, a 1943 t-shirt, and custom Battlefield sneakers! Congrats James!

PlayStation fans, keep playing! We'll have a similar give-away when the PS3 community hits 43,000,000 kills.
It's really awesome to see developers supporting communities in this way. Interesting Xbox Live's version of the game reached the milestone before the PlayStation Network.

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Posted 02:14pm 15/7/09
EA and DICE's Battlefield 1843

Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:34pm 15/7/09
Posted 02:45pm 15/7/09
what if he used a grenade?
Posted 04:55pm 15/7/09
It was James' virtual grenade that registered the 43,000,000th kill

Fixed for your greazy.
Posted 04:58pm 15/7/09
What if he was a teamkilling f***tard?
Posted 08:38pm 15/7/09
It was James' virtual suicide bombing that registered the 43,000,000th kill
Posted 09:06pm 15/7/09
43,000,000 kills, that's a lot of potential homicidal maniacs!
Supersonic Undies
Posted 01:56pm 16/7/09
No Friendly Fire in BF1943, so he not a TKer. He could be a spawn camping tosser or a sniper loser or an air whore though ;-)
Posted 08:11pm 16/7/09
SHOCK GAMING NEWS JUST IN: Violent game developer DICE software encourages users to kill millions with promises of lucrative rewards. More on this story of hate next.

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Posted 06:47pm 18/7/09
oh that just funny if not pathetic!
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