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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:04pm 15/07/09 | 7 Comments
A new update for Team Fortress 2 has been released via Steam (as per usual), this time around improving Linux connection servers, and rectifying an error dialogue among these main updates:
  • Added an optional per-map particle manifest called _particles.txt, which should be located in the maps directory, so map authors can load custom particle files
  • Fixed minicrits resulting in reduced damage for weapons at close ranges
  • Fixed the Cloak and Dagger not regenerating at the correct rate
  • Fixed setinfo exploit that allowed restricted convars to be set while connected to a server
  • Fixed tournament mode being interrupted if mp_timelimit hits before both stopwatch rounds have been played
  • Fixed "jointeam unassigned" exploit
  • Fixed being able to respawn during the chat time before a level change
  • Fixed "sensitivity" ConVar not capping the upper value which sometimes caused a server crash
  • Prevented some exploits based on mat_dxlevel being changed in-game
  • Updated ripple effects for water drips to improve performance
As per usual, the update will automatically apply the next time you restart your Steam client.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:40pm 15/7/09
Too bad it's broken the game now, can't connect to any server as I get an error with water_DX80
re so
Posted 12:43pm 15/7/09
I'm not 100% sure Wet but I think that bug has been around for a little while. Sorry but I don't remember what the method was to try and fix it either :/
Posted 01:33pm 15/7/09
since the patch none of us at work (15+ ppl) or so haven't been able to connect for that reason
Posted 12:27pm 18/8/09
TF2 just updated and im having the water file error on being kicked too. So annoying!!!
Posted 01:22pm 18/8/09
Updated PL_Hoodoo. Changes from community mapmaker Tim Johnson:

"Added a balcony at 2-1 that I've rotated and cleaned up so it's a much better point, it attracts less sentry spam but is still holdable. 2-2 has a bit more breathing room and the one way route between BLU/RED spawn in stage 3 has gone and in its place some stairs up to the second level accessible from BLU's side."

Added "tf_ctf_bonus_time" ConVar to set the CritBoost bonus time for capturing the intelligence (0 to disable it)

Added "tf_arena_first_blood" ConVar to toggle the first blood feature in Arena mode (0 to disable it)

Added missing snowpuff particles for DX8 players

Fixed rocket jumping

Fixed sticky bomb attachment to props. They will now only ignore the saws in sawmill

Fixed Scouts going into reference pose in double jumps

Fixed the Ubersaw not displaying team colors

Fixed Spies disguised as RED Scouts not cloaking properly

Removed two more text messages for TF_FLAGTYPE_ATTACK_DEFEND CTF game mode
Posted 01:31pm 18/8/09
yeah we're all getting it at work again :(
Posted 02:16pm 18/8/09
Same. Deleting \Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2 folder, does nothing.
only happens on some maps.
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