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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:31am 14/07/09 | 10 Comments
Tor Books will be publishing a novel based on EVE Online, penned by series writer, Hjalti Daníelsson, in his first novella outing, in what will likely become the first of a series of books designed to expand the game's intricate universe and lore.
"EVE is a phenomenal SF offering," said Eric Raab, Tor Editor. "The game is beyond awe-inspiring, and its intricacies deserve stories. Hjalti's storytelling skills shine in-game and in his short fiction. We at Tor are truly excited for his first foray into the novel form."

An epic hybrid of space opera and military science fiction, EVE: THE BURNING LIFE stands on its own for science fiction readers looking for a new universe to explore. It also promises to compliment the vast EVE backstory by providing fans a personal narrative through new realms of this massive world. "Though the player-driven drama unfolding daily in EVE Online is the essence of our virtual world, CCP firmly believes that EVE can transcend the boundaries of a single medium to offer new ways of experiencing its richness" said Thor Gunnarsson, VP of Business Development at CCP. "We are thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly talented team at Tor Books to bring a taste of the EVE universe to sci-fi readers around the world."
So EVE fans can expect the game's boundaries to expand with this first foray, which will be made available for purchase from November this year.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:38pm 14/7/09
Still haven't made the plunge into this game - is it any good? Does anyone play it?
Posted 12:43pm 14/7/09
Yeah heard about this a week or so ago. I have never been into the science fiction, but I think it is pretty key for those role players :)
Posted 12:44pm 14/7/09
I fell into the mining rut. I got bored but it was actually a very well developed game. Really immersing in the galactic flow of things. But yeah I got trapped into the mining thing
Posted 12:46pm 14/7/09
Yeah I play it, It's got a steep learning curve, but at least you don't have to deal with 7 year-old kids. Its probably quite boring in the beginning, to really enjoy the game you need to join a corporation. The social part of the game is very big. Not to say you can't enjoy it on your own.
Posted 03:05pm 14/7/09
Played for 3 years until realising it's just like having a real job except online and you don't get paid.

PS: Anyone want to buy some chars? PM me (37mil sp on one and 15mil sp on the other)
Posted 03:28pm 14/7/09
I'm a programmer. I have all the chars I need.
Posted 07:07pm 14/7/09
Pah all the people who complain EVE is like a job played it like one. You don't have to be like that. If anything, EVE is one of the few MMO's that DON'T neccessarily involve repetitive crap. Of course you can play it like that (to an extent, unless you are very good, you do need to get ISK somehow).

Don't jump in the waa mobile about mining, yes its boring but thats the entire point. Go do something else.
Posted 07:14pm 14/7/09
Either way they are doing some of the most amazing advancements in server architecture I have seen. It's one of the things that I like about the game, is that I feel more involved in it's development.
Posted 07:46pm 14/7/09
I have a book on EVE already. It came with my copy of Excel Spreadsheets.
Posted 08:02pm 14/7/09
Lol! Good call there. I know a few people though that just play for the pew pew, no spreadsheets there. Although its always easier to pick on people who actually use their brain when playing a computer game :P
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