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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:31pm 13/07/09 | 1 Comments
Another big week in the gaming industry has come and gone, and while I couldn't flesh out the end of last week due to illness, my partner in crime, Dan, threw his news-posting hat in the ring and delivered the goods with a feast of great new video content and more.

As we continue pushing the amount of content we output here on AusGamers, we've also been looking at ways in which to tell the world at large about our efforts, and so sold our souls and signed up a Twitter account. Moreover, for those of you unaware, we also have a Facebook page you can become a fan of (or suggest your friends become a fan of), and if you frequent this site often enough to grab your news, reviews, previews and features (among other services), it'd be awesome if you could support our expanded efforts to spread the AGN word.

In the headlines Valve maintained they still plan on supporting Left 4 Dead, while pre-orders for Left 4 Dead 2 are apparently through the roof, we imagined a 'what if Wii were HD' scenario, LucasArts revealed a host of old-school Point & Click adventures would be landing on Steam, DiRT 2 will be supporting DirectX 11, VLC v1.0.0 released, Atari Australia became Namco Bandai Partners, Square Enix revealed a Limited Edition bundle for Dissidia Final Fantasy, Telltale Games launched Tales of Monkey Island, Google announced a new open-source OS called Chrome, Battlefield 1943 landed on Xbox Live Arcade but proved a strain on servers due to popularity, some German officials are attempting to ban LANs, Command and Conquer 4 was accidentally revealed, Funcom announced a two-week free trial to lure players back to Age of Conan, CD Projekt released a new Witcher patch stripping the game of DRM, a playable demo of Codemasters' Fuel landed locally on AusGamers for download, a new Mech Warrior was revealed, Team 17 announced Alien Breed Evolution with screens and Bethesda gave a shout out to the old school releasing The Elder Scrolls II for free which you can grab right here on AusGamers.

Video we highly recommend:Newest screens and art:In local video and editorial:Topic of the week comes in the form of old-school vs new-school in that there's a massive resurgence of classic games arriving on platforms such as Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, but should these games be brought to the next-gen with face-lifts? Or left as they were? Maybe the best approach is Secrets of Monkey Island which offers - at the touch of a button - the option to switch between classic and modern. Thoughts?

That's it from us for another Weekly Wrap. Remember to start following us on Twitter and become a fan on our Facebook page and we'll maintain our efforts to bring you the most truthful news, reviews, previews and features we can. Word.

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