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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:20pm 13/07/09 | 32 Comments
Another Twitter reveal has surfaced, this time adding to the already confusing Modern Warfare 2 name debacle (well, it's not really that confusing, but they can't seem to make up their mind).

After all the questions regarding the lack of "Call of Duty" in its namesake, it looks as though concerns the branding would potentially go unnoticed by anyone not that in the gaming loop (ie n00bs) have made the powers that be strike a pose.

So check out this link which has an image of the final box shot, directly from Infinity Ward Community Manager, Robert Bowling's Twitter account.

modern warfare 2

Latest Comments
Posted 12:35pm 13/7/09
If you hover over the title of this thread on the tooltip cuts off at the double quote.
Posted 12:37pm 13/7/09
oh great now we'll have d**** calling it COD6~!
re so
Posted 12:39pm 13/7/09
I'd call it COD6 anyway just to keep it simple. Even if they dropped the COD tag it still would've been COD6 to me :P
Posted 12:53pm 13/7/09
yeah COD# works for me, let's keep it simple hey and stick to killing hajis
Posted 12:58pm 13/7/09
you're a d*** though
Posted 01:01pm 13/7/09
you want it to have a pretty name. i get it.
The Match Fixer
Posted 01:31pm 13/7/09
MW2 works for me.
Posted 02:09pm 13/7/09
You can't call it cod6 when codwaw wasn't even cod5.
re so
Posted 02:14pm 13/7/09
How wasn't it COD5?
Posted 02:17pm 13/7/09
because it was s***.
Posted 02:20pm 13/7/09
well i don't know about you but i don't see 5 written anywhere on the box or in the game for cod:waw

so how was it cod5 ?
Posted 02:24pm 13/7/09
In response to FraktuRe: CoD3 wasn't?
Posted 02:26pm 13/7/09
zomg! lets fight over the name of the f***** game
Posted 02:28pm 13/7/09
Because it was the next game in the cod series that came after cod4.

Now to do the math for you, 4 + 1 = 5. That makes it cod5. which makes cod:mw2 cod6.

do you know what cod comes next pave? ? ? ? ??

Posted 02:45pm 13/7/09
So how is Grand theft auto 4 not grand theft auto 6? and how is vice city no grand theft auto 4?

because the numbers aren't in the f*****g title.
Posted 03:04pm 13/7/09
isn't vice city an expansion, built on the exact same engine as 3?

i don't really know, i stopped playing gta years ago (at 2, the best one in the series!)
Posted 03:10pm 13/7/09
they have split the series into 2 seperate entities

hence why it's cod:mw2

so should we be saying Call Of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2 ?
Posted 03:21pm 13/7/09
just call it battlefield 1944
Posted 03:41pm 13/7/09
MW2 works for me.

That's what I've been calling it.

isn't vice city an expansion, built on the exact same engine as 3?

I think your thinking of Liberty City.
Posted 04:24pm 13/7/09
sorry ladies but this would be cod6 because waw is cod5. Just Google cod5 and the first site to come up is the waw site
The Match Fixer
Posted 04:53pm 13/7/09
I google ya mum and i get pictures of fat slags, does that mean your mum is one?
Posted 05:02pm 13/7/09
So amusing to see you two get riled up over a game name. It's so cod 6.

Here's hoping they don't tinker with the gameplay too much, cod4 was awesome.
Posted 05:14pm 13/7/09
its so cod4-2. like ffx-2
Posted 05:14pm 13/7/09
why would you google your mum. thats sick.
Posted 06:51pm 13/7/09
Call of Duty 6 - Modern Warfare 2

good one
Posted 08:26pm 13/7/09
I was kind of glad to hear that they were dropping the Call of Duty name, and disappointed that they decided to add it back in. Obviously, I don't care too much, but it sort of implied that they were making a new IP out of it. And Call of Duty 4 is the best one they've made imo, so I'd be happy for IW to dedicate themselves to 'Modern Warfare' while Treyarch rape the CoD franchise.
Posted 08:44pm 13/7/09
Who gives a s***

How about you judge a game on the actual gameplay
Posted 08:49pm 13/7/09
cod is s***
Posted 09:11pm 13/7/09

MW2 works for me.

No, Mech Warrior 2 already has that, so new name plz.
Posted 09:17pm 13/7/09
everytime i read MW2 im thinking mechwarrior also :( just call it COD6 and get it over with
Posted 12:16pm 14/7/09
Seen this? The "prestige" version of MW2 will including "fully working night vision goggles".

Night vision goggles for all! (video of it being unboxed on the link)

Crazy. Not to mention potentially expensive.
Posted 09:19pm 19/7/09
woohoo,at last they are keeping the best franchise in gaming history alive.its COD6,its simple u all retards.
and Activision is the boss not u all d***less f*****s who don't beleive its COD6,and Activision believes it to be.COD6 was the working title and the next one is COD7 being developed by treyarch based on Nam.
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