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Post by trog @ 10:11am 09/07/09 | 6 Comments
Funcom have announced a new campaign to try to draw players back to Age of Conan, offering two weeks of free play to anyone that has previously held an account so they can check the game out after a year's worth of updates and enhancements.
Since launching last year "Age of Conan" has been lovingly improved by a dedicated development team who has launched several major updates to the game. These updates have all added a wealth of new content such as the massive outdoor area of the giants known as Ymir's Pass, the huge dungeon Xibaluku, and the vast new cityscape of Tarantia Commons among others. All of these areas have added countless hours of adventure through new quests, enemies, and rewards. New features have also been implemented such as an extensive player vs. player notoriety system that allows players to become murderers and hunt each other down for exclusive rewards, improved DirectX 10 graphics technology that allows for some spectacular visuals, and a massive revitalization of the core role-playing system.
The press release has all the details. This offer is only valid until July 22nd, so if you're keen to check it out make sure you jump in soon.

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Posted 12:02pm 09/7/09
mmmm yeah gonna pass
Posted 12:06pm 09/7/09
Got this email this morning and laughed a little. Seems they can't even give away the game these days.
Posted 10:02pm 09/7/09
yeah also got the email, not interested though
Posted 10:34pm 09/7/09
I actually liked the game, despite the bugs, memory leaks and missing features. I stopped playing once my 30 days ran out though. I'll go back to see what's changed. (If I can find my discs to reinstall) Might as well since I'm not playing any other MMO atm.
Posted 10:57pm 09/7/09
I spent all day installing and patching this game to find out its basically the same fail. I thought that game was awesome when it first came out but it wasn't completed. I have a high end machine and was having all sorts of trouble running it. Its just FAIL
Posted 02:38am 10/7/09
I fired this up last night and I was actually pleasantly surprised. The graphics were MUCH more stable, and the graphics glitches I used to see were cleaned up.

I pre-ordered mine and didn't even sub up for a single month, but I'm impressed with the work they've done. MMO launches are notoriously poor in general, so I've learned the lesson not to try them right out of the gate.

I'll give this an hour or five before making a decision, however. I will say that I was pretty awestruck by the graphics...probably among the top five best I've seen in any game, ever (up there with Crysis/Bioshock/Deep Space in quality). It's definitely more stable as well.
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