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Post by Dan @ 09:23am 09/07/09 | 31 Comments
Battlefield 1943 has launched on the Xbox 360, now available for download from the Xbox Live Arcade. Unfortunately however, they're having trouble keeping up with the game's popularity, trying to get enough servers running for everyone to play on.

Over on the game's official forums, DICE's Gordon Van Dyke writes:
Good News, the game is incredibly successful beyond even my expectations. We have reached server capacity, but the bad news about this now some people can't join unless someone leaves. But don't worry, we are adding more servers ASAP to Xbox and in preparation PS3 that should start going up ASAP with priority on Xbox 360.
It's difficult to sympathise when this problem could be solved simply by letting third parties host servers like they do for their PC games. It would also mean that Aussie players wouldn't have to play on US and European located servers. But oh well, at least they're not using peer to peer connections for 1943 multiplayer.

PS3 users should be able to download and play tomorrow but PC users will have to wait until September 09. Check out the new launch trailer right here on AusGamers.

battlefield 1943launchtrailer

Latest Comments
Posted 09:28am 09/7/09
lol as if release a FPS game on console before PC...
Posted 11:21am 09/7/09
Another free FPS game launches and fails under the demand lolz.
Posted 11:28am 09/7/09
it's not free, that's battlefield heroes
Posted 11:34am 09/7/09
Any word on price for PS3? I might get it if it's cheap.
Posted 12:52pm 09/7/09
Yeh i'm wondering the cost on PS3 as well, would rather stay well away from XBOX Live.
Posted 12:52pm 09/7/09
something in the vicinity of US$15. I could be more specific and look up the PR, but then you could've just googled it so I decided not to bother either :)
Posted 01:47pm 09/7/09
And we gotta wait till September to get the PC version? Thats balls :(
Posted 02:26pm 09/7/09
I did Google it, and found the $15 USD price, but I asked because I wanted to know what the Australian price would be, since PSN charges in AUD.
Posted 03:22pm 09/7/09
So why don't they let 3rd parties host Xbox live dedicated servers? I'm sure there's some strategy behind it.

Are they worried, we'll then be able to play for free?
Posted 05:07pm 09/7/09
it's not free, that's battlefield heroes

Really, I thought this was too since there is f*** all on offer, just a remake of old stuff.
Posted 10:38pm 09/7/09
Anyone actually played it yet? I'm waiting for the PC version but still interested in how it plays.
Posted 11:21pm 09/7/09
Was tempted to buy the PS3 version to kill some time on the weekend but think I will wait for the proper version on pc.
Posted 09:18am 10/7/09
this game is pretty f***** awesome :D good old bf 1942 with pretty new graphics
Posted 09:22pm 11/7/09
is this good enough for the live subscription? i havent paid for one yet since the free month expired
Posted 12:14am 12/7/09
I played the demo today, it's actually pretty cool. It controls really well on the gamepad, which I was surprised to find. It's only $20, so I'm thinking about buying it.

Cool thing is, the demo is actually the full game, so if you buy it, it just downloads an unlock key.
Posted 01:07am 12/7/09
A demo? sweet. Might download and give it a whirl see if I will waste my moneys on the pc version.
Posted 01:15am 12/7/09
I wonder if there'll be an y civil war games. You have to load the ball & powder by hand and then pray you hit something hahahaha
Posted 01:33am 12/7/09
whoop: How about Gods and Generals?
Posted 01:54am 12/7/09
I got it and it's pretty fun even though I'm a total battlefield noob and have no idea what I'm doing yet.
Posted 03:56am 12/7/09
so you guys that have tried it have a gold xbox live subscription? its 6 euros a month
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 09:05am 12/7/09
Cool thing is, the demo is actually the full game, so if you buy it, it just downloads an unlock key.

Um, I don't know if you're talking about the Xbox360 version, but if you are, EVERY Xbox360 title is like this.
Posted 09:10am 12/7/09
2 hard 2 aim with stupid controllers :( need mouse
Posted 03:21pm 12/7/09
Um, I don't know if you're talking about the Xbox360 version, but if you are, EVERY Xbox360 title is like this.

Yes, I'm aware of that, and no, I was talking about the PS3 version.

I bought it last night, and I'm having a good time with it. I'm finding the controls to be really well tuned to the controller.
Posted 03:53pm 12/7/09
I played my pathetic 30min trial. It kept getting connection errors every 2-3mins. Retarded console controls added to equally bad online system. You could only auto-connect and it would drop me into a server with one other person.

Saying that, seemed fun and worth the 20 bucks when it comes out for PC.
Posted 06:32pm 13/7/09
need keyboard and mouse!!!

but if any of you c**** are playing this on ps3 add me

my ps3 id is: sarpreme
Posted 06:41pm 13/7/09
should be fun when it arrives on pc.
Posted 06:58pm 13/7/09
apparently there was 5 million deaths on day one. thats insane. didnt they say before launch that they would bring out another map when 10 million is hit?
Posted 07:19pm 13/7/09
my xbox is rrod at the moment noooo :'(
Posted 05:57pm 14/7/09
I quite liked it, nice and simple game easy to jump into for half an hour when short on time. Nice graphics, effects and destructibles. Being in europe the quick matches are never a problem and i seem to always be on 12/12 sides.
Posted 07:02am 15/7/09
been playing this a bit over the last few days with raisty. its pretty good for an arcade title, but suffers when compared to its full boxed release brothers. I never played any of the other battlefields though, so it is all pretty fresh to me and so I am not 'missing' any of the classes. But I think they won't be far away; I expect to get hammered with DLC updates for both maps and classes.

The destructible buildings are very cool. The planes are hard to fly.
Posted 11:00pm 15/7/09
Played Coral Sea for the first time last night, was quite fun as no one knew I kept diving onto people from above and going right back up out of view.
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