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Post by Dan @ 12:01pm 08/07/09 | 27 Comments
Canadian developer Piranha Games have snuck a few teasing videos onto youtube that appear to be snippets from a larger trailer for a new addition to the much-loved Mechwarrior series.

IGN have also revealed that they'll be releasing an interview with Jordan Weissman (head of Smith & Tinker, owner of the Mechwarrior rights) and Russ Bullock (head of Piranha Games) which all but confirms that a new Mechwarrior game is in production.

You can see the three teaser vids for yourself, here, here and here on AusGamers. Very little else is known about the game at present, but with the rights no longer held by Microsoft Games, there's at least hope that this one will be multiplatform and not console-exclusive.


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Posted 12:13pm 08/7/09
Yeah, no more arcade shooty games, bring back the Mech sim style gameplay where I can sit in the c***pit of a giant walking death machine and control it with a joystick on my PC. Mech Assault was a fun diversion, but its time for another real Mechwarrior game!
Posted 01:04pm 08/7/09
heh. those teaser vids suck! :P they don't show jack about the game :/ totally agree with khel... i'd prefer a modern engined mech5 style fps game. what would be really cool is independantly controled & aimed arms... like where ya hold down a specific key n that makes your controller n crosshair for the right arm... n same for left arm n torso n maybe even the head.


Posted 01:08pm 08/7/09
Cool! Marauders & BattleMasters just need World of Warcraft style upgrades, and I'll be in for keeps!
Posted 01:12pm 08/7/09
The trailers sucked big ones, the thought of another Mech game makes me all giddy like a school girl. Mechwarrior is one of the games I used to play religiously when I was young kiddy.
Posted 01:38pm 08/7/09
Colour me interested too. Mercs 2 was the last Mechwarrior game that I really, really enjoyed playing, so getting away from the Xbox Mech games would be very, very nice.
Posted 01:40pm 08/7/09
The Xbox games were handled by a different developer though, so FASA Studio could make Shadowrun (ha, that was a great plan).
Posted 02:07pm 08/7/09
I love Mech Warrior 2 mercenaries! Nothing better than getting a Naga(irrc?) and arming it with Arrow IV's then just sitting half way across the map and watching a green mech start turning yellow and red from damage, all the while not having the ability to fire back.
Posted 04:27pm 08/7/09
Mechwarrior 3 was also fantastic - I too have waded through the Mech Assault's and (errk!) Chrome Hounds of this console generation awaiting the return of some stompy mech sim action.
Posted 04:46pm 08/7/09
personally i thought mech3 was pus. the controls sucked, limited multiplayer modes... it looked nice & had good sounds but that's pretty much all i remember from it. mechwarrior4 was very similar although the controls were better imo. bog stock deathmatch gets boring so quickly with mechs.

mech2 was where it was at for multiplayer... king of the hill! AMIRITE!?!@!?

i'd also like to see some cool elementals in an fps mech game... so far they have only been on the rts style games. mech commander anyways. they need fast moving elementals that can run up n jump a mech n start ripping it apart like in the books :D
Posted 05:41pm 08/7/09
that really was a tease
Posted 05:57pm 08/7/09
I want the next Mechwarrior game to be a simulation, or best representation, of piloting a Giant Stompy Robot With Guns.

I want to have lots of controls with the functions to move heat/power around the mech to power weapons/life support/engines and whatnot. I want to be able to shift these around in response to the battlefield and damage taken. Such as reducing power output/consumption to lower my chances of being detected by radar.

I want to have the potential for my ammo rack to explode when hit with incendiary rounds. I want to be able to shutdown

I want several vision modes, thermo vision, night vision, x-ray vision, awesome vision.

I want a complicated, excellent mechwarrior game, gimmie!
Posted 06:43pm 08/7/09
faaark demon that brings back some memories...

First computer game I bought when we got our brand spanking new pentium 120 was the mechwarrior 2 + sidewinder joystick pack!

Timberwolf mech > *
Posted 07:09pm 08/7/09
faaark demon that brings back some memories... First computer game I bought when we got our brand spanking new pentium 120 was the mechwarrior 2 + sidewinder joystick pack! Timberwolf mech > *

LOL. I got pretty much exactly the same setup in 1995. I remember only being allowed to play for certain amounts of time as I was 10 years old but f*** i loved that game.

I think my favourite mech was the Nova because of its speed.

Edit - Look at these kick ass graphics!!

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Posted 07:30pm 08/7/09
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Posted 08:05pm 08/7/09
My first computer game was Mechwarrior 2.
Although it was the special ATi Rage (haha) edition so the graphics were a lot better than that screenshot.

Mech2 Mercenaries was fun how you could like manage your own mercenary unit, choose contracts and stuff. Plus there were some cool missions, like that one in space on the ice barge, where spaceships try and tow it away. And if you got knocked off the edge you just drifted hopelessly into space...

I played MW4 but didn't really like it at all. Found the controls confusing as hell and just couldn't get into it.

The teaser... Doesn't capture the weight or badassness of a giant robot. They should've picked a recognizable mech like Timber Wolf or Maddog. Only reasons I can think of why they didn't is maybe some kind of 'early battletech history' deal, which would explain the modern car in the first clip. Like its not even a hovercar or anything, sheesh.

Or maybe its not mechwarrior but some other robots.
Posted 08:40pm 08/7/09
I remember waiting for MW2 because it was pushed back something like 1 or 2 years. And just kept playing the combat demo again and again.
Posted 06:48pm 09/7/09
leg damaged, reverse disabled
Posted 06:57pm 09/7/09
IGN: MechWarrior Revealed

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Posted 07:59pm 09/7/09
Posted 10:05pm 09/7/09
Looks pretty cool.
Posted 11:05pm 09/7/09
Looks quite good.
Posted 06:41am 10/7/09
On Another note Slashdot is reporting that Mechwarrior 4 is being released for free, with the source code as well I think. So maybe some people with talent will spruce the game up to what it should have been.
Posted 09:02am 10/7/09
Mektek has been sprucing up the game for years without access to the source code ;P But it's a nice move regardless.
Posted 09:18am 10/7/09
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!


That's all I can really express at this point!
Posted 09:26am 10/7/09
I heard cyph's name rhymes with gay, is this true?
Posted 10:14am 10/7/09
It does!
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