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Post by Dan @ 03:53pm 07/07/09 | 21 Comments
Not ones to put a cash-cow out to pasture, Electronic Arts keep plugging away on the hugely successful The Sims franchise with expansion after expansion. The most recent release however, was deemed a big enough overhaul to be considered a full sequel and so we have The Sims 3. Another epic time-sink for the casual player and a guilty pleasure for many a hardcore gamer.

Mike braved the addictive tendrils of this new iteration and thankfully lived to tell the tale. Find out all the details in his in-depth The Sims 3 review.

the sims 3review

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Posted 03:58pm 07/7/09
Posted 04:05pm 07/7/09
I think I preferred Sims 2 so far. Waiting for expansion packs etc to come out
Posted 04:07pm 07/7/09
i quickly got over it... i think being adult to being old was too quick
Posted 04:20pm 07/7/09
My impression was that the game was well polished but clearly lacking in the objects content. There were so few hair styles for the males, I couldn't get hair that looked even remotely like my own. The Mii's have more hair styles then this.

Also there was plenty of objects missing that had become the norm in past games, like a spa.
I made a mini me and set up his life goal as a master angler. Problem was I had to capture and keep 15 fish in tanks, and the only fish tank in the game was a small fish bowl. I ended up making a room in the back yard that just had 15 fishbowls on tables with fish over 50kgs in each one. Lame.

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Posted 05:08pm 07/7/09
Yea, it annoyed me that stuff like the spa was missing, and that you can't have your groceries delivered anymore etc.

Oh, Tit, you can change how fast/slow your sims age in the options
Posted 05:13pm 07/7/09
You don't seem to even need to go shopping for food, when you order a sim to cook something without the ingredients, a "cha-ching" noise plays and the price of the food is deducted from the bank.
Posted 06:56pm 07/7/09
I think its cheaper to go to the shops and buy what you need, but seriously...2 hours out of the day for that, rather pay the over price imo.

Seemed good...but yeah over it.
Posted 07:19pm 07/7/09
they must have deliberately left out tonnes (all?) of the expansion pack material so they can resell it to chumps.

it's a better looking version of sims 2 without the content basically.
Posted 08:04pm 07/7/09
I preferred the escapists review. How can this s*** even be classed as a game...
Posted 08:36pm 07/7/09
Ausgamers should employ Yahtzee to do all its reviews.
Posted 10:05pm 07/7/09
Good fun. Managed to get my sim to hit his lifetime achivement of Superstar Athlete after six hours, with plenty of input/help from the missus and daughter number one. A retirement career as a writer beckons!

Found it very relaxing too, just pottering away doing random stuff.
Posted 10:07pm 07/7/09
The game itself is pretty ordinary, but this tale is pretty good

Posted 10:32pm 07/7/09
I think it has potential once the other content comes out, but atm there's not really a lot to do in town
Posted 11:18pm 07/7/09
Exactly what taggs said. Don't worry as i'm sure the spa will be return in one of the bucket load of expansion packs coming up.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:12am 08/7/09
The link Frakture posted was f*****g awesome. The story that dude got outta the homeless father and daughter combo was hilarious.

After reading thru that I really wanna try the game out and do something similar.
Posted 02:18am 08/7/09
I found it funny that once your characters die you can bring them back as playable ghosts.

Their son now doesn't have to do s*** all because 2x ghosts with lvl 10 painting + mood thingy = 24/7 speedy Masterpeices that sell for 4k+, can pump out 6+ per 24 hours per ghost.

But at the moment that's all I do... get them doing that and collecting cash, seems so simple, needs more. Over it.
Posted 08:42am 08/7/09
As someone who has avidly hated the sims - but also someone who has never touched it:

First impressions:

I was really drunk and so I couldn't drive the game, I had my housemate controlling it. I made him make a fat chick and we exercised her thin. When she became thin she suddenly was hated by her sister.

Sims left alone are probably the dumbest things ever. They leave s*** everywhere they turn up to work. On a side note that night i forgot where i placed several of my drinks and found them later during the night, stale.

I cant believe how quickly food goes off! On a side note I realised the next morning I should probably get someone to empty our fridge.

You end up falling into this routine of working and waiting for the weekend and then the weekend comes and your sim seems to have no point in life. On a side note i worked 7:30 - 4:00 every day that week and then did nothing but stay home that weekend.

It felt a little too close to home really..
Posted 11:05am 08/7/09
haha that link FraktuRe posted is awesome, I will be reading the updates for sure. Played Sims 2 a little but got bored pretty quickly, so won't bother with this.
Posted 11:10am 08/7/09
i've played sims 2 for the very first time the other week

i have no idea how this game is so addictive, i spent like 2 hours basically feeding, s***ting, showering and getting them to work for like 3 days or whatever.

i looked at my watch and i had accomplished very little

closed the game and thought f*** you sims
Posted 02:41pm 08/7/09
The game itself is pretty ordinary, but this tale is pretty good

Wow. This is awesome, almost worth a news post in itself.

That just goes a long way to justifying theories about how our universe is just the playground of some whimsical superior beings/gods/whatever. We're so totally on the same path to creating a mini-universe like that.
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