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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:23pm 07/07/09 | 17 Comments
The Colin McRae series has always been known for its visual prowess, and Codemasters have once again taken steps to ensure gamers will live the rally driving experience in the best visual representation possible with the latest update in the franchise, Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

Specifically, however, PC gamers will grab the best of the game as it is being built with full support of DirectX 11 in mind, though the trade-off for this is while console gamers get the game this September, PC won't ship until December.
"While the console editions of Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will retain their September ship date, we believe that the DirectX 11 feature set is too compelling to ignore, especially considering how much more it can add to the visual experience for PC gamers," said Bryan Marshall, chief technical officer, Codemasters. "As a leader in digital racing entertainment, we are staying ahead of the pack by immediately taking advantage of key new technologies such as hardware tessellation, multi-threading and Shader Model 5.0 to deliver the most realistic, immersive and exhilarating racing experiences in the business. The fusion of DirectX 11 with Codemasters' EGO Engine will raise the technical bar considerably in the racing genre."
You can view more of the press release outlining DirectX 11 features the game will take advantage of right here. We also have more info, screens and videos available on our game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:29pm 07/7/09
dx10 was short lived...
Posted 12:37pm 07/7/09
How so? It was around longer than DX8.
The Match Fixer
Posted 12:39pm 07/7/09
I'll happily occupy myself with GRID in the meantime.

Posted 12:40pm 07/7/09
i was comparing it's lifespan with dx9
Posted 12:43pm 07/7/09
I wasn't that much impressed with Dirt, but GRID rawks. If Dirt 2 is an improved Dirt with some of the feel of GRID then it'll be awesome.
Posted 12:49pm 07/7/09
been wanting to buy GRID for quite some time.. do people play it still?? how is multiplayer?
Posted 12:50pm 07/7/09
Chucky - Yeah, but DX9's lifespan was an anomaly, much like XP's extended lifespan.
Posted 01:08pm 07/7/09
Holy s*** look at those screens
Posted 01:28pm 07/7/09
So what cards currently support dx11? dx10.1 cards?
Posted 01:36pm 07/7/09
None of the current Nvidia cards.
There was talk around the announcement of DX11 that the ATI 4000 series cards may be able too with a firmware upgrade that enables the tessellation circuit, but ATI haven't confirmed or denied this yet.
Posted 01:55pm 07/7/09
They're still calling it Colin McRae?
Posted 03:24pm 07/7/09
been wanting to buy GRID for quite some time.. do people play it still?? how is multiplayer?
Yep, people still play it online. Multiplayer is massive fun. You can choose to join a session that allows collisions or one that does not, or one with just forward collisions (so an idiot driving the track backwards can't cause problems).

The Demolition Derby tracks are hilarious - driving the wrong way, causing accidents at crossroads is almost expected. Normally half the guys are trying to race properly and win while the other half are trying to take everyone out and cause as much destruction as possible.

Single player is lots of fun too. The game strikes a nice balance between simulator and arcade.

Buy it while you're waiting for Dirt 2 to be released.
Posted 03:28pm 07/7/09
They're still calling it Colin McRae?
His family are fine with Codemasters continuing to use his name and likeness, so why not?
Posted 04:12pm 07/7/09
yeh been actually waiting for steam special :)
Posted 04:22pm 07/7/09
Holy s*** look at those screens
hahah yeah right those are true screenshots.
Posted 09:17pm 07/7/09
i see no video's
Posted 11:53pm 07/7/09
Dirt is my favourite racing game so i'm really looking forward to dirt 2. I wish they would just release it DX10 and make DX11 a DLC thing. Seeing as its going to be useless to like 80% of users when its released, the extra wait seems pretty unnecessary. (though dirt still looks great at max settings so I guess they have a track record of forward thinking graphics features)

hahah yeah right those are true screenshots.
Actually pretty sure those are in game graphics, I dont see why they would put jaggies into parts of the image of it was doctored, most of those screenshots just have lots of depth of field to make it look tricky. There are some HD videos on youtube from E3 which show pretty great looking graphics... so its possible they are just that good.

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